November 27, 2011

Fetishes and Sparky

Ahh whenever I hear that word I smile because I know that I am going to either re-explore something that made me really happy with the result, whether it was a shoot or perhaps a scene I participated in OR it is something new and I am giddy with anticipation.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine who has huge fetish for hosiery. He loves the feel of them as he is fucking someone, and he isn't the first man I have met to have this desire. Some men like them thigh high, with fishnets or with a reinforced toe. I always remember that someone out there in cyber world has a kink and a fetish, even if it is not the same as mine. After all, my photography isn't only about what I like or want, it is also for my readers.

For my Foot Fetish Friends 

One of my favorite things to wear is thigh highs while getting spanked over a kinky horse. No, not the animal!  I mean this:

I see I've gained a couple of followers, THANK YOU for following my journey!! I look forward to others joining as well. Don't be shy, I won't bite.... UNLESS you want me to nibble nibble.

You will see that I have added a Widget to the left of my blog. It would mean a great deal to me if you were able to donate a few dollars to help a dog in need. For those that know me, I own 2 beautiful dogs and this dog is a fellow Jack Russell Terrier. his name is Sparky.  He was horribly attacked this past Friday by two Ridgeback dogs. Now for those of you who don't know Ridgebacks are very large dogs. The incident has been reported, but in the meantime Sparky has had to undergo surgery and is still at the vet under medical supervision, he is sedated but his wounds were deep and significant. 

This is a Rhodesian Ridgeback

This is Sparky before his attack
A HUGE THANK YOU to those that can help Sparky out. It is greatly appreciated and I know his mommy and he are very greatful. 

Laugh, Live and Lots of Love


November 24, 2011

Happy H.N.T. - Freckles and Boobs!

Since I was very naughty and didn't post a Happy H.N.T. last week, This week I will post two for my lurkers and followers! This photo of my teal bra shows off my freckles and boobs wonderfully! Many people who saw this picture earlier this week complimented me where I post frequently.. Do you fetlife ? I hope you do, that is where you will find a lot more naughtier pictures of me. 


This other photo of me is and as you can see I LOVE clothes pegs and corsets! This shot was taken this past summer and if you want to see more, all you have to do is ask! I will happily post for you!! 

Check out Osbasso's blog if you are interested in participating in the HNT series.

Laugh, Live and Love!!


November 21, 2011

Growth and Change

As I evolve more and more into who I want to be, versus who I "wish" to be, I've begun to see how complex each change really is. From breaking down the structure of how stress works to learning how to handle anger in a much more constructive and productive way.

I was at my therapy session today and I realized something really profound. I realized that it is important for me to figure out what my value is as a woman, as a person and as a life partner. I have come to realize I value the sanity I have felt the last 16 months of my life since I moved into my own home. No longer under the roof of a landlord, property manager or anyone other than myself, pets and my boyfriend. I now choose what I want to have go on in my home, that I value myself enough to know that I want to continue my journey of calm versus the many years of chaos I have lived through.

I am not ashamed to live a peaceful existence where seeking the belief of spirits and my own high power as I believe it to be, surrounds me as does lighting candles and incense for my own personal balance. I realize now that the work I have been doing on myself is complex, that the ingrained belief pattern that once was and at times tries to run the daily program of my life, is now being challenged there is now a root in my soul as I see it a cement block and within the cement block, there are buds and the starting of vines. I realized today those vines are the starting of a new life, a healthier life, where my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are become clearer, as is the heartache of what was once my life fading away into an abyss.

This growth also reflects my future choosing in Pin Up Modelling. I am excited to be exploring the designs, images and creative processes that will be before me. The creative process is always very exciting to me. The holiday season is fast approaching and I am looking forward to ideas and discussions on many possibilities.

I look forward to hearing from photographers, make up artists, other models, on their
upcoming projects and scheduling of dates to produce some AMAZING photography!

Love, Laugh and Live


November 16, 2011

Obligations and Reality

It has been bothering me that I've not kept up with my regular blogging. While it is true that I have been setting up places to attract more lovely lurkers and followers.

I've also been dealt with a hard blow to my own private life that has now taken precedence over everything else. Yet, I have come to realize very quickly that it is very important for me to keep up my routine of things I enjoy so that I have an outlet and distraction of places that make me smile. 

I guess I have been feeling inadequate, something I thought I had already conquered. But I guess we all go through periods of feeling like we are a little less than we would like to be. 

My kink/bdsm life has taken a step back, something that I don't have control over right now. However, I am always keeping my eyes out for fun, kinky like minded boys and girls to meet and seeing what happens. But, like all activities these things take time and the internet isn't always the easiest place to meet local kinky peeps. I'm in a loving open relationship and we both encourage and inspire one another. 

I've been thinking about photography and different shots of what I would like. I'm craving uniqueness, with a spark of "wow" attached to it. I was looking at some uber amazing photography on and I realized that I miss color, I miss abstract, I miss connection! Things that go into creating that AHA or WOW that is amazing! shot.

I attached some shots that I did about a year ago, and they involved all sorts of fun, kinky play. I would welcome doing this again in a heartbeat!

This shoot is with bamboo twisted around my nipples. I loved how this felt and how it transpired in the shot. Would welcome doing this again!!

This is my very first Shibari suspension - I loved it, lets hook up and doing it again!
Thank you Master_O!

Shibari mixed with the fine feeling of steel against my flesh!!

and last but certainly not least is.......

The spank!! Let me tell you OUCH! 

I MUST give credit to Mr. Hardwood Photography and Hardwood Pin Ups.

He created a variety of shots with me and if anyone is interested, by all means let me know and I will forward his particulars to YOU! 

Love, Live and Laugh


November 13, 2011

Erotic and Fetish Photography

A friend of mine recently reconnected with me and we started to talk about how we both perv erotic photography. While we were chatting on the subject, he directed me to a webpage called Art or Porn and gave me a few links to look at. Well let me tell you! Talk about Sizzling!! 

I thought I would pass on the information, I already mentioned to him that he had given me this fabulous idea for my next blog subject, how fabulous is that! 

So I figure what I would do is put it out to my lurkers, take a view, share your thoughts with me, I am looking for a new series of shots to have me photographed in.

They are:

I was taking a read of another link given to me, but it seems there are not many who are a fan of so just be warned that some seem to see it as a site to steal others work, and some use it faithfully for blogging. To each their own. I understand what its like to have photographs stolen and not given credit to. I often will give credit back to shots that aren't mine, just a personal preference of mine.

These are some shots of myself, enjoy :)

November 11, 2011

To Remember on Veteran's Day

To remember today - Remembrance Day has many a significance to many people, myself included. I, like many of you, have relatives that have either been in service, or were in the military for one reason or another. I have memories of an uncle who would march with his cadets in the yearly Remembrance Day Parade. To a grandfather who every year would pull out his uniform and stand with his comrades to honor those that he knew personally; and yet to honor those he never did.

I don't know what my father did regarding the Military. I have never heard whether he joined, or whether he served. I've wondered that from time to time. I'd like to think he had the belief system of his brothers and his father that if called to serve, that he would have. My father passed when I was a young girl of 7 years old.

I have friends who will spend today in the Legions and pubs all over the Lower Mainland where I live. Many reminiscent of days gone by. Most that are still with us are veterans of the WW II, as I seem to recall the last surviving World War I veteran has passed away. We now live through stories of written and memories on plaques, but I am thankful that for every person that has passed they are now recorded and commemorated in Ottawa, where our Parliamentary offices are.

I am going to attach a link from a friend of mine, who recently visited our Parliamentary offices. It is so worth the read, and the pictures truly capture what this day really means.

Love, Live and Laugh


November 10, 2011


Today is the day!! Not only LOL -Love your Lurker day but its also "Half Nekkid Thursday" which has become my favorite thing in blogging lol. 

"Half-Nekkid Thursday"  make sure you check out this link Osbasso 's for more  "Half-Nekkid Thursday" for more pictures! If you want to know more about the blogger Osbasso, by all means check out his site

Ah yes, my dark Pin Up side! See she just loves to come out and show you all what stepping into the dark side can bring :). She is so much fun, as this series was too to I am looking forward to bringing out more pictures for you all to look at and comment on.

Love, Live and Laugh! 


November 9, 2011

LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day!

LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day

So I have yet again learned of a site that loves to hear from our Lurkers!! Thank you again to padme amidala of Journey to the Darkside. See how having a friend in the fetish lifestyle, a fellow spanko and lover of blogging has shared something that I too love immensely. 

Thank you to Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts for starting this! As someone who has just a year into blogging, and in the last month or so, really dedicated herself to creating not only a fun blog, but a blog of sharing about my fetishes. Spanking is one of my favorites! I know there are many lurkers out there, who completely enjoy either watching someone be spanked or better yet, be on the receiving end of that paddle, or bare hand! I know I do. 

So I personally could really use some encouragement! I have been craving a spanking for ages now, but because My Master and I have had some private matters not related to what I blog about, distracting us from our play, it may be that we now need to be encouraged to get back into it!! What do you think? 

Your comments will be VERY encouraging to us as we share with you, our lurkers, the results of all your comments and what we do with them. I love to have a very red bottom, My Master can be quite rough when he is in a mean mood!!  Perhaps you the Lurker could select what YOU would like to see me spanked with? Master has floggers, crops, of course his bare hand, paddles, OUCH, my butt is starting to tingle just thinking about all those lovely toys!!

What would you use on me? 
Be sure to spread the word with everyone about LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day tonight and tomorrow. You just never know who will come out and share your blog as well as make new friends for you. :)

Love, Live and Laughter


November 8, 2011

Transformation into Kink

I recently received a comment that my blog is very seductive and the question followed was how and when did I start my transformation? This question has had me pondering, when did I decide to step into the dark side?

I would have to say about 14 years ago. A time when I was looking to spice up my life and my marriage. Funny how the spice part stayed with me, and the marriage.... not so much.

3 years ago I was introduced to kink and I've never looked back! The smell of leather in its many forms, clothing, toys, furniture, shoes, oh the shoes!!  To the soft plush feeling of a flogger as it tastes my flesh, deceivingly soft, yet thuddy on impact! The feeling of bound wrists commands my attention in a way that in fact takes away my expectations to lead and for a moment in time, allows me to just "be".

But there is so much more than just being bound and flogged in the lifestyle of kink. I am a submissive to men who are very dominant in nature; I am drawn to men who are powerful, strong and control a huge part of their life;  yet I am a Switch (which allows me to be a Top, or administer) to men who crave being topped by a dominant woman. It is a fine line, but it also allows me to seek my own release that I crave when I am bottoming in a scene; yet allows me to explore giving what someone else needs. Whether it be impact play, humiliation, role play, bondage, the list goes on and in many directions.

I learned very quickly that I enjoy pain, I am a masochist, the more impact I receive the more it excites me. The arousal is intense and when done correctly the endorphin rush is amazing. Yet, I know there is more out there for me to achieve. The wall to push through, the trust to be gained, the dance between a Dominant and  Submissive powerful beyond mere words.

I think I will do a series on my transformation, it will be a journey worth sharing to my readers as well as showing me just how far I have come thus far....

Love, Live and Laugh


November 6, 2011

Gracious Host~ A Kinky Evening ~ Mediterranean Style

The ambiance was set before we even got there, I in my red corset and mini skirt, Sir in his leathers. The evening was the inaugural Gracious Host event, we all had been looking forward to it.

The theme was Mediterranean food, the menu looked amazing and all we had to do was co-ordinate with others as to who would bring what wasn't already covered. We opted for wine and mini pumpkin tarts.

There were a few of us, not too many just the right amount. It wasn't long before various conversations ensued over drinks and some lovely flogging toys!! Now you wouldn't expect an inaugural dinner to have kinky toys, but this was no ordinary gathering of new found friends *grins*

The topic quickly turned to the beauty of the floggers and let's not forget the crops!! It wasn't long before the question would be ask "so whose going to receive". I grinned but felt pretty confident it wouldn't be me, but I had my thoughts on who it may! The lil fun loving brat was working well tonight, and she had met another equally fun loving and bratty. Oh the trouble we both could get into if left to our own devices!

Not too long before appetizers made room for the main meal, gradually we all dished up commenting on the various colors, the smells and succulent aromas were floating through the room. The candles were lit, the roses were sensual in their beauty, the autumn leaves laying beautifully across the dining table. The themed colors of red, mixed with various Fall colors, setting the tone.

Our Gracious Hostess had outdone herself and deserved to reap the rewards of compliments and toasts.  Appetites that had been waiting for what seemed like many hours were mere moments away from the main course. Lively in our conversations I took a moment to sit back and take in the moment, you couldn't have asked for anything better. A moment to see what a gathering of what had started out as strangers had now become acquaintances, were on the way to becoming fast friends. Some had connections not known before, the world ever smaller than we like to realize it is.

The next gathering will have a challenge of outdoing our Gracious Host - however the Kink part will always be there - but the next theme ought to be interesting.

Please feel free to share your comments and ideas below. I love to hear from my readers!

Love, Live and Laughter


November 5, 2011

Expectations in D/s

I have been really reflecting on my life in the kink community. Don't get me wrong I love it in many ways, and yet I'm left to what capacity do I want to be instructed to the depths of my day?

It is clear that my role as a Switch leads me to be very dominant at times in my vanilla life, that it does test most Tops.  There is definitely the rush of endorphins when topping a boy who is craving that push into subspace. Yet, when I look at MY role as a bottom in my D/s relationships, I can certainly see where the bratty yet sensual and sexy side comes into play.

Some would say "why do it", why be that lil brat that some Dominants will not tolerate? I believe it is because I expect to be put into line, after all that is what this submissive craves. The structure, the consequences, the attention, the building up of what is to come. However, there are times where lines do get crossed, boundaries can in the NRE (new relationship energy phase) as well, mostly because we are learning about one another and growing in the relationship and the brat had no intention of revealing herself.

I have been presented with an opportunity to help train a submissive in ways that I never thought I would. The negotiations are still being worked out and details are yet to come, but so far all that has been discussed looks promising.

The fluidity of D/s really depends on the relationship and experience of the Dominant and Submissive. I use submissive as that is what I am. I've tried to explore the idea of being Slave, but for me it is not possible to comfortably and wholly release my power to an individual with the expectation He will take care of my every need.

must be why that makes me a Switch.

I'd love to hear from you! Please leave me a Comment in the box below, and I will reply.

Love, Live and Laughter


November 3, 2011

Something NEW! Happy HNT!!

I've been following a friend of mine's blog for a long time now, thank you padme amidala for your support on my blog and suggestions as I continue to develop and mold my own blog to what I want from it!!

So on this journey of mine, I have decided to ADD a new weekly feature! I've decided to add  "Half-Nekkid Thursday"  make sure you check out this link Osbasso 's for more  "Half-Nekkid Thursday" for more pictures! If you want to know more about the blogger Osbasso, by all means check out his site

The pictures I am showing are....well how about you the reader decide!! These are just a few of my favorites, and given that it is my first time posting a "Half-Nekkid Thursday" its so hard to choose just one, wouldn't you say?

The above that I have put up are from 3 separate shoots I have done in the last year. They each represent a side of me... my dark Pin Up side. She is so much fun, I am looking forward to bringing out more pictures for you all to look and comment on.

So don't forget to tell me which one you think I should submit to Osbasso 's site, I have to submit it by the end of today!! 

Love, Live and Laugh! 


November 2, 2011

Pin Up Girl on the Darkside

In the last while, probably closer to 2 years, I stumbled upon modelling. Me, someone who has always been shy, was never thought to be the model material, that was saved for my sister and I was made sure I knew it.

I've had pictures taken of me in private, but to have them posted for others to see was something I had had a very bad experience with, so I always avoided at all costs the opportunity. Then one day on a board I belong to, an old photograph of me surfaced, not distasteful or anything, in fact the opposite! I had more compliments than I knew what to do with, and with encouragement from many that I should consider modelling, I went for it. My first shoot was for Breast Cancer. I remember being excited and nervous, thinking what if I am too old, what do I wear, what do I bring.... the shoot went on for a full day. I learned so much that day, that I was hooked, I may not have gotten many images that day, but I gained a sense of self. Something I never felt quite like that before! Here is a finished product, I was to "channel" Rizzo from Grease, I think I hit the mark!

I was in love, love that I could look like this! I could sell an image, and the confidence exuded from within me! Since this shot, I've done various other images, fetish, implied nudity, art, black and white, lingerie, and a few others. I never knew there was such a calling for a woman in her 40's who is curvy, feminine yet has a sensual look about her.

This glamour shoot below was done courtesy of  Patrick Parenteau of  

I have been forever changed by this shoot, he captured images of me that convinced me and others that I do have something! I have since done a second shoot with him and post a few of this pictures to give a my Darkside an out! She craves the attention my Miss Darkside.....

I have an account on Modelmayhem, feel free to check me out!!

But my real passion so I have discovered is Pin Up shoots. I love the clothing, the style, the classic look, the shoes! Oh the shoes are to die for!! I'm going to be doing a shoot on Dec. 9/11 and will be doing it here  They have some of the most amazing clothing and footwear! I own a pair of their boots that I picked up last year at Naughty but Nice Sex Show in Vancouver . Coincidentally they are returning in January of 2013 here check out this link!

So there ya have it, if you know of a photographer who has the skills to draw out what I have, be sure to leave me a message :).

Love, Live and Laugh!!