November 16, 2011

Obligations and Reality

It has been bothering me that I've not kept up with my regular blogging. While it is true that I have been setting up places to attract more lovely lurkers and followers.

I've also been dealt with a hard blow to my own private life that has now taken precedence over everything else. Yet, I have come to realize very quickly that it is very important for me to keep up my routine of things I enjoy so that I have an outlet and distraction of places that make me smile. 

I guess I have been feeling inadequate, something I thought I had already conquered. But I guess we all go through periods of feeling like we are a little less than we would like to be. 

My kink/bdsm life has taken a step back, something that I don't have control over right now. However, I am always keeping my eyes out for fun, kinky like minded boys and girls to meet and seeing what happens. But, like all activities these things take time and the internet isn't always the easiest place to meet local kinky peeps. I'm in a loving open relationship and we both encourage and inspire one another. 

I've been thinking about photography and different shots of what I would like. I'm craving uniqueness, with a spark of "wow" attached to it. I was looking at some uber amazing photography on and I realized that I miss color, I miss abstract, I miss connection! Things that go into creating that AHA or WOW that is amazing! shot.

I attached some shots that I did about a year ago, and they involved all sorts of fun, kinky play. I would welcome doing this again in a heartbeat!

This shoot is with bamboo twisted around my nipples. I loved how this felt and how it transpired in the shot. Would welcome doing this again!!

This is my very first Shibari suspension - I loved it, lets hook up and doing it again!
Thank you Master_O!

Shibari mixed with the fine feeling of steel against my flesh!!

and last but certainly not least is.......

The spank!! Let me tell you OUCH! 

I MUST give credit to Mr. Hardwood Photography and Hardwood Pin Ups.

He created a variety of shots with me and if anyone is interested, by all means let me know and I will forward his particulars to YOU! 

Love, Live and Laugh



  1. Those are some amazing shots. I hope you are able to shoot more like those.

  2. Thank you Preach, I hope we can do some shots together!!

  3. I really love the pictures! :)

  4. Thank you padme I love the series of shots I put too! I'm hoping to create some memorable images very soon!