November 9, 2011

LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day!

LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day

So I have yet again learned of a site that loves to hear from our Lurkers!! Thank you again to padme amidala of Journey to the Darkside. See how having a friend in the fetish lifestyle, a fellow spanko and lover of blogging has shared something that I too love immensely. 

Thank you to Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts for starting this! As someone who has just a year into blogging, and in the last month or so, really dedicated herself to creating not only a fun blog, but a blog of sharing about my fetishes. Spanking is one of my favorites! I know there are many lurkers out there, who completely enjoy either watching someone be spanked or better yet, be on the receiving end of that paddle, or bare hand! I know I do. 

So I personally could really use some encouragement! I have been craving a spanking for ages now, but because My Master and I have had some private matters not related to what I blog about, distracting us from our play, it may be that we now need to be encouraged to get back into it!! What do you think? 

Your comments will be VERY encouraging to us as we share with you, our lurkers, the results of all your comments and what we do with them. I love to have a very red bottom, My Master can be quite rough when he is in a mean mood!!  Perhaps you the Lurker could select what YOU would like to see me spanked with? Master has floggers, crops, of course his bare hand, paddles, OUCH, my butt is starting to tingle just thinking about all those lovely toys!!

What would you use on me? 
Be sure to spread the word with everyone about LOL - Love Our Lurkers Day tonight and tomorrow. You just never know who will come out and share your blog as well as make new friends for you. :)

Love, Live and Laughter



  1. Hi Sierra,

    This is my first visit here. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  2. I am a regular reader and a bit of a lurker to your blog. :) I'm glad that you found out about LOL day. Hope lots of people come out of the shadows and say hello. :)

    I'd love to spanked with your Master's hand. It's always so intimate to get an OTK with the one you love. :)

  3. Hi, just over from Bonnie's! Happy LOL day!

  4. I think a flogging would be good. Happy LOL day.


  5. I would have to vote for him using his hands as well, many times :)

    I enjoy reading your blog but have to get ready for the weekend.

  6. Happy LOL Day! Our vote is split (we live in Florida, so what did you expect?) between the hand and paddle. So maybe a little of both!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions! I am going to be showing my Master and I know he will be pleased to see this!!