January 2, 2013

Predatory Submissive

Happy New Year! Hard to believe that 2013 is here and we are ringing in lots of happiness and journies to be had!

Today I feel I must share an experience I have recently gone through with someone. Normally this kind of experience is usually when you have a Dominant that tries to bully and control you. Well, this is the reverse. 
I am going to copy and paste the msgs I received, I will block out names etc. The reason for posting it is to make you all aware that even a Submissive can be a supreme bully and controlling. Unfortunately it looks like this carried over to Facebook as I am friends (were) with the Dominant at the heart of this problem. 

Master has been amazing! He has handled things with tact and respect. I am proud to be his submissive. 

This started because I called someone Daddy, as he has been like a father figure to me for a very long time and His Submissive didn't like it. 

SHE: How are you?
I would like to be friends with anyone who refers to my man as Daddy ;0)
I'm a little jealous of * to say the least!
ME: I see.
I take it hasn't shared with you how long I've known Daddy?
 I've known him quite sometime, he is a good man, and has been very supportive of me, as I have of him especially with his family matters.
I would prefer to speak with Daddy first, before friending.
Thank you.

SHE: Yup, he's shared that with me! I have no issues with it at all. 
I just figure it's about time we become friends, don't you think?
Especially since we intend on getting married, that would make you.... a sister?
ME: Uh no, not a sister.
SHE: No? Not a Sister?
Well then, I guess you need to back the fuck off and defriend him because I AM HIS FUCKING GIRL and we plan on getting MARRIED. And I do NOT like anyone addressing him with a capital "D" when it comes to Daddy.
And YES I DO have his password and read his fucking PM's. And I read his fucking posts. I tried to be nice to you, but I will defend my man to hell. You talk to HIM ... you're talking to ME.
Sorry - you could have been a great friend. But I've known a lot of those in the past that not only changed, but saw others fuck over people on here. And I am NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN TO POPPY.
You can block me and I'll still read your shit thru Daddy's account because I have his password. I've been here long enough to see a puppet account and know who you are.
You're not the only fucking slut who has done this in the past 2 years.....so get in line motherfucker. Your ticket is now UP!
Sorry...I tried to be nice. Consider yourself now "Daddy-less". If I EVER see you sniffing around...your ass is fucking MINE!
I defend my friends with the utmost vengeance. I will take anyone on like a fucking tank. For MY MAN IT IS 10X AT LEAST WORSE.
I've been around and seen the PM's and posts from those who have me blocked .... don't underestimate me.
Happy New Year!

ME: Seriously, Good luck with that.
Just because you are marrying him doesn't mean I have to be friends with you.
All you have done is show your true insecure colors. It does not bother me that you check his email, have his password, or even know when he goes to the bathroom.
You are not going to bully me. I do not know you, and I have no interest in knowing you. Your experiences with those in the past, have no bearing on me. ***** is a very kind man, I am not surprised he has been burned by a few that are less than desirable and that is a shame. He has always tried to see the good in people.
** has been like a father to me for a long time. I would highly suggest you take a step back and think about all you have written. Do you see how insecure you are?
I don't care if you are the queen sheep of sheeba. ***** will always be my friend.
I am happily involved with someone and have been for a few years. Master and ***** have chatted and in fact ***** chatted with my Master to make sure He would treat me well. This all happened before you came along, and you came along long after ****'s mess. You weren't His ear when He was at a loss as to why his family was falling apart. You weren't there when he would call asking for just a few minutes to feel like someone truly cared and weren't out to cause him grief. Especially when he was new to the scene and didn't know anyone outside of the events *****and her then husband took him too.
As to your "threat" of not underestimating someone, girl, you have no idea who you are talking to. I don't take kindly to threats made to me. My Master will be having words with yours.
SHE: We'll see.
Good luck with that.
ME: Apparently tact and decorum are not a class you took when you chose to be a submissive. Seriously, I could toss you to the wolves of a true submissive, and have you squashed down to a mere blink of a piece of dust.
Its time to leave the high school mentally at high school.
Grow Up!
SHE: Fuck you.
I'm sure "Daddy" wouldn't like that mouth
ME: Actually, yes Daddy would like this mouth, it knows how to act and when to. Lashing out and bratting at another submissive are not deemed an acceptable quality in a submissive. You may want to think about that.
SHE: Daddy is ABOUT THAT PATHETIC you cunt.
I talked to him...you're blocked.
Think about THAT.
This morning I received a reply from the friend at first he was apologetic and said it was being handled. I said thank you and appreciated it. I also said that I had tried to tell her I am not a threat. "He" said that "he" thinks she took it the wrong way. 
The conversation continued and Master and I were speaking online. He after reviewing the conversation feels very confident that I in fact never spoke to my friend and that it was her. I asked "him" to call me at the number he had. "he" said he couldn't. I asked why? To which another stall came up with "Things are getting really crazy". I ask what happened? The reply I got was "I'm sorry I have to de-friend you on Fetlife - again - sorry. 
At the end of it all, I have been removed from his friends list on Facebook as well. 
I know my friend and this is not Him. I am sad and deeper down I am angry. Angry that someone so insecure of her relationship with her Master, has attacked me, threatened me, bullied me and for what? 
All because I called someone in my life Daddy.