September 27, 2012

Variety is the spice!!

So I've been looking and perving various sites and photos. My favorite favorite fetish model is Bettie Page. I saw this photo and have to say this one is Hot!!

I've topped boys and I have bottomed on rare occasion to women, however, I think maybe this time I would like to top a woman! 

Mind you it is hot to bottom to a sexy Mistress too! I think I would happily bottom to Bettie Page, wouldn't you?

What's your fantasy or fetish? Do you want to bottom to me? Do you want me to top you? Perhaps giving you one of your fantasies?  If so, tell me why? I'd love to hear your story, you just never know, we could make plans and make it a reality! 

This is for my kink  friends who are into pet playing :)

Lixxs and Spanxs!!

September 17, 2012

Outdoor Play

Today we decided to go for a walk along a path we have been wanting to go on. Our dogs were out in front of us and Master had one of the leashes. Suddenly I felt a few "whacks" on my bottom, well low and behold Master was teasing me with spankings! 

I have a feeling that our next exploration is going to involve me over a log and a spanking with the leash (thank goodness the leash is not metal!). 

What would you like to see me spanked with?

1) a tree branch

2) a flogger

3) a bare hand

4) a dog leash

5) Master's belt

We would love to hear what your answers! You most suggestions will be the ones that Master uses!!

Have a great Monday!

September 16, 2012

Coffee Dates and Kink

Well for those that have been waiting to hear about our weekend (if you recall I had mentioned that Master and i were to be attending an event with friends. Well unfortunately, that didn't happen. I was quite disappointed and Master was too. We have been so wrapped up with our bathroom renovations, that things have been crazy for the last several weeks with that project. We will be glad when we are done! 

Today, however, we went with our friends for coffee at Tim Hortons. I love meeting for coffee, it gives us a chance to get away from these renovations, and a chance to catch up with our sexy friends. We sat and they shared their experience of the event from last night. They had a really good time and it was just what they were looking for! The right amount of kink, with a night full of adventure!!

I believe that learning something new everyday is healthy and important. Today, for me that word is:

For no particular reason, I find this sexy! The idea of being brought to a high level of arousal, yet denied an orgasm. 

We also spoke about topping from the bottom. Now if that were me and it has been, I know that it will eventually get me into some serious punishment from whomever I am with that is the top. As it is, there is a situation with my friends and their slave topping from the bottom. So Master shared his knowledge and experience of how to deal with topping from the bottom. 

Its important to know your place when you are in a D/s dynamic. But it is even MORE important to know what it is that YOU want out of your D/s dynamic. I know my role, I know my place and for me that makes me a very happy and lucky girl. I also know I am a Switch to others, in certain situations and for that I truly enjoy being a top. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, there is a rush for me, quite like no other. 

Lixxs and Spanxs! 


September 14, 2012

Feel Good Friday!!

Well its finally Friday! How many of you have kinky plans this weekend? Master and I do have plans tonight and tomorrow night! Tonight we are going to a bbq with kinkster that we are taking to our public event tomorrow. We are bringing some homemade chicken wings tonight and we get to enjoy the warmth of their hot tub and fire pit! 

Its going to be a hot night! Master and I are nudists and the hot tub is clothing optional, YIPEE! I love the feeling of the warm water on my skin, the jets against my back. Not sure if we are going to be doing any playing tonight, but we will see! Perhaps I can take some pics and post them over the weekend!

Very recently, I had some body art done. I have waited for a good year for this wonderful and very sexy lady to do this for me. It was such a sensual experience, too feel the paint caress my skin, softly and easily. The colors of green and white chosen to go with the hazel of my eyes.  I'm posting a photo below, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Master has many more as we did an impromptu photo shoot, he promises to get them finished so we can not only send them to our friend who did the painting, but so we can share them with you, our blogger friends! 

I just love how everything blended so beautifully, even my dog got into the shot lol! 

Happy Friday Everyone, 



September 13, 2012

Spankings Me!

Master took this photo of me recently. He teased me horribly!! Pinching my boobies and making me stand with my hands behind my back! Then we went out for the day and I had to make sure my nipples were erect all day! You should have seen the looks from peeps LOL! I even had a man come up to me and compliment me! Master was very proud of his girl!!  I love being his good girl! 

What would you use to spank my boobs? I love having them spanked and slapped. I also love having my nipples pinched! 

We are going to an event this weekend, I can't wait!! Its been a while since we have gone out to a public event. We are taking some new friends with us!! I love watching the awe and amazement in their eyes as they adjust to seeing how the kink world enjoys themselves! 

Happy Thursday!!

Lixxs and Spanks!