September 17, 2012

Outdoor Play

Today we decided to go for a walk along a path we have been wanting to go on. Our dogs were out in front of us and Master had one of the leashes. Suddenly I felt a few "whacks" on my bottom, well low and behold Master was teasing me with spankings! 

I have a feeling that our next exploration is going to involve me over a log and a spanking with the leash (thank goodness the leash is not metal!). 

What would you like to see me spanked with?

1) a tree branch

2) a flogger

3) a bare hand

4) a dog leash

5) Master's belt

We would love to hear what your answers! You most suggestions will be the ones that Master uses!!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Bare hand usually for me

  2. Awesome! 1 for 1 - whose going to be next!

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  4. Ouchie, a Switch can be the stinger of all! When it happens I will be sure to have Master take photos!