October 26, 2012

Halloween Hijinks!

Its that time of year! Master loves Halloween! He loves everything about it! Mind you being in the career He is in, makes Him that much more excited!

We've seen a lot of classic movies on TMC this week, all on the Horror Films of the 1940's on up! Its amazing how back then what was deemed scary, didn't make me flinch. However, the more the years went up, the more intense the scary scenes were! The likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Bela Legosi to name a few of the old school legends!

We've even caught a few with kink in them, that back then, very few would have noticed LOL!

With all the parties that will be going on this weekend, what do you like about Halloween the best? Are you someone who loves it? Do you like to dress up? Do you like the movies, if so what are you favorites?

Now who can forget Elvira?! The sexy minx that everyone knows of! Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without her!

I think she looks super hot here! Love the cuffs and her entire package. YUMMY!

Not sure what Master has in store for Halloween yet, I'm hoping lots of naughty toys and spankings will be coming to me. Master loves to play on the dark side and when not a better time than Halloween! 

Spooks and Spanxs to you all!

October 22, 2012

Rascals Halloween Bash!

Our date night had finally arrived and I was super excited! Master had been preparing His costume for this event for a couple of days now. He had this huge skull that had super bright red lights when you turned them on! He then had a black outfit that he wore over His clothes and combined with the skeleton He looked like Achmed the Dead Terrorist! 

For those that don't know who Achmed is, He is a puppet with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

So we get ready to go and meet our friends who are helping set up Rascals for the Halloween Event. 
Halloween is a very cool theme at Rascals. The person who organizes it, does a fantastic job and I know we wouldn't get a lot of the set up if it weren't for the volunteers who come out to help. Thank you to everyone involved! 

Master and I got ready at Rascals. I decided to go as a 17th century prostitute! *shocker* I even had sexy lacy black panties to wear underneath my outfit. Master liked me wearing it with my top cupping my boobs and we put lipstick around my nipples because that is what the 17th century prostitutes did *giggles*. I got a lot of very sexy comments on my breasts. I must admit, I am very proud of them! Here is a photo of Master doing a Hitachi play with me and my breasts. 

I asked Master if we could do a scene and He said yes we could!! Rascals was super busy, so we didn't want to wait too long, so we waited a few minutes before one of two St. Andrew's Cross became available. 

Master usually blind folds me, but He didn't have the blindfold this time, so I closed my eyes and listened to His voice. He clothes pegged the back of my dress, revealing my ass. I was excited, I could feel it! 

Master warmed my ass, every once in a while He would growl deeply in my ear, making me melt even more in anticipation of what was to come! Barehanded spankings were making my ass flinch, it had been way too long, and my skin was like a new baby's bottom lol! Soon though, I could feel the warmth rise from my flesh, a beginning of a happy place was starting. 

There is no sex at Rascals so our scene didn't involve that, but it was a great 45 minutes! I felt the floggers, the crop, his bare hands all on my ass! I know we wanted to put the clothes pegs on my tits but for some reason my nipples were super sensitive and usually once the clip has settled in, they stay on comfortably. Not this time!! But Master slapped them and definitely reminded me they are His to do as He wishes! 

So by the time He was done, I was in a very happy subbie space! It was great to be able to just let go for a while, to be with friends and my Master. 

October 15, 2012

Monday Blues

Yes, it is one of THOSE days! Monday is here, after a weekend of heavy rain, clouds and wind. It seems our Autumn weather of warmth and Summer time sun has left and we are now left with the grey of  what will most likely stick around til Spring. 

This makes me sad, as Master has gone to work on a tv show today. He will be very busy til well after 10pm tonight. I get lonely when he is gone for long stretches like this. Master wasn't well yesterday, so we didn't go and visit our friends. So if you throw that on top of today's schedule, I have too much time on my hands. 

This can make for a naughty submissive. If she knew what to get into that involved staying warm and cozy! 

So I am going to put out to the bloggerverse, that you could give me some ideas of things to get up to that will keep me occupied. 

Let me know! 

Lixxs and Spanxs,

October 10, 2012

Sexy Steampunk Wench

I've been updating our blog page, nothing like tightening and broadening your areas of attraction! 

Halloween is fast approaching and so are the various parties! Do you know what you will be this year? I do!! I never was one to wear costumes when I was young; but as a kinky adult, you bet! I'm looking to choose between a few ideas running around my mind! One of them is of a Steampunk Wench! There is a variety of ways to dress Steampunk and at first I was not a fan of it, but as I have seen and read up on costumes, I quite like the sexiness of it! 

Here is one idea I am thinking of wearing this year:

Master helped me choose what to buy and he also chose my jewelry as well. He always looks sexy when he dresses up! I for one, can't wait to go to Rascals on Oct. 20 for their Halloween Party. Rascal's is one of the major venues that throws amazing parties. Here is their link to their website http://www.rascals-club.com/

Lixxs and Spanxs!! 

October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Master and I have enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend a lot! Last night, we went to see our kinky friends TP and enjoy a beautiful home cooked meal. Its always a good time when you are in a room full of vanilla peeps and we are subtly doing suggestive kink things that others won't catch on to lol.

My g/f T and I were giggling because she had some food on the side of her mouth, I went to wipe it off and she said "care to lick it off" I said with a giggle and a grin, "somehow we would shock your company" lol.

There was a very loud fundraising event two doors down and at times we were all outside, sharing stories of what it was like for all of us when we would go to parties like that. I miss those days! Master working in the career he does, always is good for many laughs at his experiences of setting up stages for bands to play on.

Not long after we all sat down for the festive turkey dinner. Everyone had brought an item so there was a lot of food! I brought carrots made with butter, brown sugar and nutmeg, they were a huge hit!

I was sitting beside Master and I was serving food onto His plate. I told Him that I wanted to be His good girl and serve Him. He said "I didn't realize it was "that" kind of dinner" lol. I said Master, I enjoy serving you even if it isn't lol. He squeezed my leg under the table, which made me smile.

Its fun adding D/s to our evenings when we are out. Even the smallest of things, makes us smile.  Even when Master spanks my butt in front of company, many will laugh not even knowing that to U/us it means something company different than what they know!