October 15, 2012

Monday Blues

Yes, it is one of THOSE days! Monday is here, after a weekend of heavy rain, clouds and wind. It seems our Autumn weather of warmth and Summer time sun has left and we are now left with the grey of  what will most likely stick around til Spring. 

This makes me sad, as Master has gone to work on a tv show today. He will be very busy til well after 10pm tonight. I get lonely when he is gone for long stretches like this. Master wasn't well yesterday, so we didn't go and visit our friends. So if you throw that on top of today's schedule, I have too much time on my hands. 

This can make for a naughty submissive. If she knew what to get into that involved staying warm and cozy! 

So I am going to put out to the bloggerverse, that you could give me some ideas of things to get up to that will keep me occupied. 

Let me know! 

Lixxs and Spanxs,

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