December 28, 2011

Can you help please? - Rizzo's Journey

Today's blog is not my usual posting, but something that is very near and dear to me, please take a read below.

Rizzo never asked for much, my beloved Border Collie had to be put down December 14, 2011 after about 10 weeks of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. For those that have pets, it is like we become family when it comes to our pets and doing what is best for them.

A little about Rizzo

I met Rizzo when my ex-boyfriend and I were together.  To meet Rizzo you would see him happily half run/half skip to meet you. He was always happy, wagging his tail and even if he wasn't he never showed you. He was always ready to play, always had a stick or squeaky toy ready to toss at you. He just loved people THAT much. He was also vocal, if you played tug of war with him, you were sure to get a rise out of him, where by he would sound like he was being hurt to the worst degree imaginable, then if you let the object go, he would frolic and run around all over the yard, he would come to you, toy in mouth and I could always say "are you going to give it to me Rizzie"  and he would run right by sometimes and I always said "oooooh ok, maybe later lol"

One day, I went to the "farm" to see the dogs, as my ex's mom was very ill and in hospital. There were neighbors who would go over and drop bags of dog food on the ground and after a period of time not just these two would have food, but soon surrounding stray dogs, coyotes, the neighbor's dogs all would show up; Rizzo looked terrible, he had weeping eyes, he had an abscessed wound on his jowl, and very underweight. But the thing I couldn't get out my head was his fur, it was like he didn't have any. Well I decided enough was enough and I was taking him home, much to the dismay of my ex., he wanted to put him down. I said no, he is only 4 years old and has so much life to give! 

From that day forward, I never looked back!

When I rescued Rizzo, this is what he looked like

When I made this choice, I took him to the vet right away. Rizzo was not in good shape, he had pneumonia, an abscessed jowl, underweight, and he was down to his last coat layer what is called "guard rail". It took many weeks of antibiotics, milk baths (medicine given by the vet), brushing his coat every day, he could only go down 3 stairs and out to go to the bathroom and then back inside. But through it all he NEVER gave up. 

I learned that during this time, Rizzo had a thyroid problem, which did contribute to his coat issue. So we made sure to put him on the proper medication and in time he started to feel a lot better. However, given how much had gone through in a short period of time, it would take him up to a good year or more before his lungs would be stronger than they were at that time.

As life went on, and so did the years, Rizzo flourished. His coat returned to the full texture it was meant to be. His zest for life was even stronger than before, and he had the joys of other dogs as we had just had a litter of pups (this is where Blaze came in).

Fast forward to where we are now.... 

Even though Rizzo had a ligament problem with his back right leg, from a run he and I had done at a park one morning.  He would push through it and at times I would have to call I always knew when he had had enough, because if I didn't watch him, he would keep going lol.  Months turned into years, and my boy always was near me, never far. When he hurt, I hurt and vice versa. We were joined at the hip and I had been told that because he had been a rescue that he would always be fiercely loyal to me. Trust me, I couldn't have asked for a more loyal pet. 

One morning in mid October 2011, I had noticed Rizzo showing a mild twitch with his head. It was one of those moments where you weren't sure if it truly happened or not.  The other thing Riz would do, is whenever he was laying down he had this habit of what looked like "throwing his head" onto the floor. I remember saying one day to Riz "Hey bud, your going to hurt yourself one of these days." 

After the twitches became more and more like seizures, I knew something was really wrong and took him in to my vet. Given that there were no outward symptoms, my vet opted to take some blood and see if there were any abnormalities. The results came in a few short days later and his blood work came up normal. So it was a case of watch and see. Thru it all, Riz's appetite never changed, that boy could eat! 

One day, the tremors became very severe, and I said to my boyfriend something is seriously wrong and it was decided that I would video using my Blackberry what I was seeing. I then sent it to my vet, and it was decided to put Rizzo on anti-convulsant medication Phenobarbitol and Prednisone for swelling around his brain as he was showing stumbling problems.  Things progressed very quickly from that one day in mid October to where I was in November. The doctor wasn't sure how long we had with Riz, it could have been 2 weeks to an unknown time frame. 

At first Rizzo responded well to treatment, it was like he had a sense of life about him back. He was playful, he was joyful, and he was Rizzo.  The stuffies were now being tossed at me, as were the tennis balls. He was back to enjoying his walks and runs at the park.  I didn't know how long I had my boy back, but I was determined to enjoy every moment. What I found the hardest was not getting my hopes up, I didn't want to believe that he could still die, how could he? He was now playing and being all the things that Rizzo always had been!

I'm not sure how long this went on for ... maybe a couple of weeks, give or take a few.  Then slowly but surely, the stumbling returned, as did accidents happen in the house. I could see my boy's dignity slipping, and I wasn't going to allow that to be taken from him. He didn't deserve that, no one does. I lifted him to and from my car, on days he couldn't or if he was sore in his hips, to lifting him up one stair after being outside. My boy was slipping right before me, and his anxiety and neediness for me increased.  I was up with him many hours of the night, sometimes just to hold his paw to soothe his panting, as was my boyfriend. There were times it was frustrating and lack of sleep was catching up with us, but at the same time, after everything Rizzo had given me, how could I not return the same to him? 

Then it happened..... the morning I had been dreading. Rizzo woke up but had no interest in eating or getting up. I knew this could very well be the end. On top of that he had been congested and I had been wiping his face and throat with a warm towel every day the last week or more.  I was concerned about him getting pneumonia again, and I knew that with his health already compromised, he wouldn't do well with having that on top of everything else. 

So after a discussion with my boyfriend and combined with a promise I made to myself and those around me, I took him in to the vet.  Within a couple of hours of going in, having him assessed and prognosis given. I knew that even with antibiotics there was no guarantee that he would improve, in fact it was a given that he most likely wouldn't. He was already having significant walking issues, and when he fell face first, I knew it was the end. 

So with a separate room prepared, and Blaze with me; I lifted Rizzo up onto the bed, I knew I had to do it, without any help because this was a moment between my boy and I. It was the road we started together and now coming to an end. For that brief moment of liver treats with his brother Blaze, Rizzo's eyes and ears perked up, that inner puppy inside of him came out, making me wonder if I was making the right choice. But I knew had to go with my gut and what I had already witnessed. I had thought about the upcoming Christmas and keeping him alive til that passed, but I knew that I would be selfish and doing that for me.  

So, the preparations were made, and for a brief moment Rizzo felt the needle go in, and I could see his flicker of fear go across his face, I had to look past myself and to him, assure him he would be ok, and with that he was gone..... 

Together Rizzo, Blaze and I had 7 amazing years together. Together, we overcame many obstacles and stood up for one another. To some he was just a dog, to me he was my son, my true family.  I know Rizzo is in my heart and soul and I do miss him every day, yet I have to believe that for his sake and for his spirit, I did the right thing.

December 25, 2011

Birthday Spanks !

First off I would like to thank Mija, you created a wonderful idea about Advent blogging and keeping up daily. This taught me that for me, life happened to get very stressful in ways no one can prepare for. It also taught me, that it isn't as easy to think of what to write everyday either lol. A new goal for me, not sure, just yet. 

So on to the topic at hand..... I thought I would post about the birthday spanks I received for my birthday this past Friday. 

Being that I have a birthday right smack dab in the Christmas Season, I am accustomed to not having anything celebratory... well that is... until some kinky friends were having a get together and the invitation was extended to myself. It should be noted that none of them knew it was my birthday that very day when the invitation was sent. 

Birthday Spanks Received

I had a very warm bum and yesterday I had lovely purple marks to remind me of my special day.  Special friends for a special day. There was also a surprise birthday song sung to me! I was very surprised and yes, shy when everyone started to sing Happy Birthday to me lol. Just something I am not used to. 

Time to Blow Out the Candles!! 
Apparently I left 4 standing lol

May the Christmas spirit be with you and yours now and always! 

Laugh, Live and & Love

December 23, 2011


Hard to believe that not only is today my Birthday and Christmas Eve is tomorrow, then the day that many have been waiting for, Christmas!!

I see by my counter to the left of my blog, it will be my one year anniversary since I started blogging. I've found that blogging has been helping me to get my thoughts out and explore my Fetish and Kink sides openly. There will always be people that either like you or don't. What matters is that you are true to yourself.

I have fallen behind with my #Advent blogging :(, something I am not happy about, but I believe with all that has happened in the last couple of weeks, and then this week hasn't been any better. I am just about ready to hop into a hole, like a ground hog does, and check on February 2 to see if I have a shadow!

So tell me, are you guys all ready for Santa to arrive, maybe He will have that new flogger you asked for, or belt for that special slave or submissive. Either way from myself and my family, we wish to wish all of you a very Kinky Christmas and Fetish New Year!

I saw this and just HAD to share it with You all!

December 16, 2011

Holidays and D/s long distance

It has been one heck of a heavy week emotionally. At the moment I believe this is a combination of a few days of my #Advent blogging. It has suddenly become a very challenging time to remember to blog on top of the loss of my beloved pet on Wednesday. My dog has been an intricate part of my life the last 7 years, he was 11 when I released him to Rainbow Bridge. Master has been wonderful with checking in on me via Skype, but we both miss being together, especially right now.

Master has a way of making everything feel so much better and right now, I have good days and bad days, but I miss our physical connection. Our D/s relationship is good, except today I didn't get my treadmill in, but I did go and do a lot of errands, that included a fair bit of walking. I'm also keeping a weight loss tracker going as I am working on losing some weight as my doctor is concerned about my cholesterol. I've already lost 2.5 pounds and this pleases me,  and its a start but its in the right direction.

I'm feeling rather down tonight as I write my blog. I've been challenged with selling items on either Craigslist, Facebook and/or groups. Off and on it has gone well, but right now, when I could certainly use the financial gain, it feels like if it isn't one thing, its another.

On the D/s front I feel connected to Master, and I do report to him how and what I am doing. He has told me to take the time I need to do what I need to do with regards to grieving Rizzo. Tonight I have done a lot of chores on top of the chores I did that involved driving to various places.

As for the holidays, I will be on my own. Its not something I talk too much about as it makes me feel like people will feel sorry for me. My other dog Blaze plus our kittens will celebrate it together :).

Charlie Brown and Snoopy - nuf said

This is Rizzo and Blaze last winter 2010, I love how
Rizzo's coat billowed out like a puffy pillow *grins*

December 12, 2011

Master's girl

As you can see I have been playing with my blog site. I thought it would be fun to incorporate some Christmas colors and a great picture of Santa giving to naughty elves a spanking *grins* to my blog so that it would be fitting with the advent daily blogging I have been doing. Today is day Days 11 and 12 of my #Advent blogging. I must admit today has been a bit of an upset, its always tough when Master has to go out of town.

The good thing is we worked out a few things He wants me to do while He is gone. I am going to do a daily journal for Him, Master wants to make sure I am eating properly. I have a tendency either not eat, or eat something quick that isn't healthy and with my recent blood tests back, I have to reduce my cholesterol. See when I had some surgery back in the Spring, it threw my body way out of whack and now that some things have changed and such, Master is going to help me with better eating and exercising. I have my routine chores to do in the morning, and I am to incorporate my exercising into it. I prefer the morning anyways, not so much for getting things out of the way, but that I am more productive in the morning.

I have a friend on Fetlife who has been working on her own cholesterol matters and has been a wealth of insight and knowledge.

Master and I have a great relationship, but when it comes to me and being kept in line, I find that it really helps to know that He is still overseeing my eating and exercising. It makes me feel closer to Him. We talk on Skype through the day and it does help, but I sure do miss Him at night, we often cuddle before bed, and I miss His smell and touch, which always makes me feel safe and loved.

I like being a good girl for my Master, I also know that sometimes I am disobedient and do crave punishment. Whether it be His look He gives me, to how He talks to me or the barehanded spanking I've received before, it is good to be put in my place as I feel even closer to Him.

Well I don't have much else to share tonight, so I am going to keep this short.

May your evening be full of Holiday magic and dancing elves,

Laugh, Love and Live,


December 10, 2011

Words to live by

YAY! Today I am actually writing Day 10 of my #advent blogging. I must admit I'm down today, Master is preparing for his trip out of town for a month over the upcoming holiday season. There is no way around it and the so I accept the path before me, regardless if I like it or not. 

The following words I did not write, I saw them on Tumblr today courtesy of A Master's Journey A Master before I copy it I wanted to share that there are words that we all live by in our D/s lifestyle, some resonate more than others, some take the parts that are appropriate for them and others find that the whole context stands out to their beliefs and protocols. For myself, I would have to say a lot of this resonates with me and my relationship with my Master. 

A Master’s Creed:

As it is often important and often even necessary for one human being to have certainty and a clear understanding of the intentions, desires, motivations, and needs of another, I offer this testimony in trust and sincerity.

I am a dominant man. I am just that. I am not dominant because of any superiority on my part. Not because I feel more intelligent or wiser.

I am not dominant because of the strength or the mass of my body.

I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all women.

Yet, to you I am Master.

I am your Master only after earning your trust and I embrace your submissiveness. I have looked into your heart and mind, and clearly see your desires and passions. You have thrown away your desires and passions. You have thrown away your fears and inhibitions. You tell me of the needs of your heart and body. You have given me total access to your soul, and I accept the responsibility and honor. You are a woman. You are not weak or inferior because of it. You are a treasure to be cherished. We are not equal. I have the strength of body and mind and the instinctive need to protect, possess, defend, and provide for you. You are a woman and instinctively stronger of will and heart. Your belief in me gives me courage and direction. Your strength disperses my doubt.

Your needs and desires encourage and give purpose to my efforts. We are not equal. We are halves of a whole. We complement each other and make each other complete. My desire to dominate you is instinctive. It is not to degrade you nor is it degrading to you because you are secure in being totally feminine. We each recognize and accept our worth, and our need for someone to trust and fulfill our needs.

You are sure, strong, and proud in your womanhood. You do not submit as acceptance of inferiority, but from strength and passion. You expect a man to stand strong and be a man. You desire and flourish in the strength and control of a man. In return you present control of your body, unqualified trust and honesty, and the faithfulness of your heart. You submit because I have earned your trust. Because I have opened my heart and soul to you. Because I have listened to your word with my ears and heart and have learned to anticipate your needs and emotions. And because I have proven worthy in your eyes, you have given me the only true treasure of life; you have given me dominance over you. What you give is not abnormal, but pure, natural, and the rarest gift a woman can give a man. You have given me complete and unshakable assurance of your commitment to me. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility. I accept this from you with humility and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift.

I recognize it is your body, mind, and soul. I dominate you only because you have allowed me to, and when I see your body kneel before me in my mind and heart, you are raised above all other women and all the treasures of the earth.

Within the bounds of our relationship…it is my duty to protect you, and that you will know, that under my care; NO harm will come to you as a result of actions taken by Me..or you. That is my responsibility, to protect you..from yourself if necessary. What you give freely cannot in reality be bought.

A submissive’s Creed:

i am a submissive woman…

i find pleasure, joy and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship

i am not weak, or stupid. i am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what i want out of my life.

i do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.

i look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am i more complete than when He is with me.

i know that He will protect my body, my mind and my soul with His strength and wisdom.

He is everything to me, as i am everything to Him.

His touch awakens me and His thoughts free me.

Only in serving Him do i find complete freedom and joy.

His punishments are harsh, but i accept them thankfully, knowing that He has my best interests always foremost in His mind.

If He desires my body for pleasure, i shall joyfully give it to Him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that i have brought Him happiness.

However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship.

The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

my body is His, and if He says i am beautiful, then i am.

No matter what i look like to others, i am beautiful in His eyes, and because of that i hold my head high for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me?

If He says i am His princess, then i am that…regal and graceful.

And if i see laughter at me in the eyes of others, i do not recognize it, for who are they to call my Master wrong?

If He says i am His toy, His slut, His tramp, then i am that…as wanton and dirty as He wants me to be, and if others do not see this, then it is they who are blind, not my Master.

my mind is His, to expand, to explore, to know as only He can. 

i have no secrets from Him…for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being perfectly His.

Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself…and i do not want walls.

His lessons are not always ones i would seek on my own, but they are lessons He has decided i need, and so i learn from Him.

my soul is His, as bare to His touch as ever my skin could be when i kneel naked at His feet.

Never a moment goes by when i do not feel his presence, be He miles away or standing over me.

If i were to ever displease Him, His displeasure would be a blow to my soul, worse punishment than any lashes could be.

The anguish of my soul that i feel when i disappoint Him is harder to bear than the physical anguish i feel when His belt caresses me with fire.

i spend my days knowing that the energy and thought He puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for His, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together.

i am His pleasure and His responsibility, and He takes both seriously.

i am a submissive woman. i am proud to call myself that.

my submission is a gift that i do not give lightly, and can only be given to One who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to He who has that strength will i give myself fully, because i am strong and proud.

December 8, 2011


Today is days 8 & 9 of my advent blogging, in keeping up my commitment to blogging every day til the 25th of December, I hope you are enjoying the journey I am on presently and perhaps you are writing an advent blog yourself! If so, comment below in the comment section with your blog link, I would love to read your stories!! 

Its hard to believe that 2 weeks I will be having my birthday and then 2 days after it will be Christmas!! This year I, like the last few unfortunately, will be alone, it is not easy for me, I find myself become very withdrawn and isolated. My ties with my bio family are non existent and today ironically is my sister's birthday, to whom I did write a letter and wished her a very happy birthday :). The dysfunction in my family is not one that I want to be a part of, yet I do miss the bond of family. The same goes with those that I have allowed to become my chosen family. 

I was reading a fellow bloggers post and must thank Emma of Jakeskajira for the idea. She wrote about control and how it affects her. This got me thinking about how control from Master makes me feel. 

Overall, as much as I may grumble about chores and trust me there are plenty of days where I do, there are a lot of moments when I crave having the control exerted on me. Sure I may squabble over it, because I don't want to do it, or perhaps I am not in my "sub" mind frame, but wait, I am naturally a service submissive so doing housework, tending to the dogs, cats or litter box is normal for me. I'm not able to be tired, I'm not able to rest because these are things I know everyday that have to be done. There is just no way around it. 

Master at times when he sees something that will be for my own growth and benefit, will usually suggest that I look into it. A good example is He is leaving for Christmas vacation to see family and I will be here. However, we have been talking about using Skype to communicate daily and He wants me to use the treadmill and I am expected to do as is expected of me. I understand why Master wants me to do my daily exercises which includes walking the dog as it is good for my health, but I must admit right now the "down feeling" I am familiar with has started to creep back in. 

Not sure where exactly it is attached to, perhaps it isn't just one thing, the holiday season hasn't been a very happy time for me for a long time.  I know my blog is meant for (at my choosing) to be about being a pin up model and my fetishes and growth around that. But sometimes real life creeps in and I find that having an outlet when I normally don't voice my private life, helps to take it off my chest. 

Control at times means acceptance, and yes for me that means accepting the help from an unknown person that I know is putting a Christmas basket together for me, or it is the feeling of not knowing how I am going to insure my vehicle when it expires very soon and last but definitely not least the illness of my beloved pet. 

Somehow the Disability I am on although it provides for a roof over my head and heat and light in my home, still has a stigma attached to it, and this time of year, it really makes me realize how much it affects me.

Master has a way of helping me see the good and positive in many things going on, even when the road seems bleak and dark, but unfortunately being home for the holidays no matter who is in my life, will be like any other day, except I will most likely do my treadmill and walk my dogs and anything else that I know I will be expected to do. 

December 7, 2011

Communication and Consequences

I keep forgetting to blog everyday, this would be #advent blogging for days 6 and 7, I find this rather ironic as the title suggested was Communication and Consequences.  

I'm counting down the day until Christmas. I, with some other friends are blogging daily up until the 25th of December! I hope you are enjoying the reading and are blogging an advent yourself! If so, drop me a line with your blog link, I'd love to follow your stories!

The last 24 hours have really been an eye opener, I wish it were something fun and kinky. Oh how it would be so much better if it were BDSM related..  

Master is very big on communication and consequences, which means if you don't say what you mean and mean what you say and there is a fall out that could have been prevented, chances are there will be consequences. Such as what has happened with me and a situation that involves a relationship that was part of my poly life. I am so very picky when I decide to involve another person that when things fall apart, and one person doesn't communicate their true feelings or what their true intentions are, I am left to wonder and feel very hurt and confused as to what is going on. 

It takes me such a long time to get over that person because I am someone whose feelings do become involved and it seems no matter how well "I" communicate how and what I feel and what I am about, the other person seems to "tell you what you want to hear" versus the reality of something. I am tired of learning the reality from other people, after realizing on my own that not only does the deliberateness of avoidance from that other sting enough, but the words that follow. See, when someone tells me that we are friends, I take that to heart. I value my friends and even though I don't have arm loads of them, the ones I do have value me as a friend as well. Betrayal is something that is unforgivable in my books, the other is "lying by omission".   You know what lying by omission is don't you? It is when someone tells you part of what they want to say, yet not fully telling you everything all the while THEY know what their true intentions are. So in essence you are leading the other person on. 

The consequence is I am left feeling foolish for wanting to believe the words spoken to me and when the reality of what is in front of me is not what the words were told, the lying by omission stings a lot. 

I am not afraid to call people on their shit, just as I expect and have had it done to me.  

However, when someone's comments are a direct stab at my person whether it be my mental or emotional state, just shows me how immature you really are and I am happy there is no further communication.

Now let's get back to the really fun things.... where's my spanking....

December 4, 2011

Spanking I Love Lucy~

Today I am combining my advent blogs day 2 and 3 as I was not able to blog yesterday.  

Have you ever watched an episode of I Love Lucy? Besides the slap stick funnies, besides learning over the years that he was a very dominant man *and oh how yummy is that?*. It was a well known fact that the two of them incorporated the discipline into their marriage as well and vice versa. 

My Master and I were talking about this, and it made me smile to know that Lucy was getting spankings and people didn't even bat an eye and this was in the 1950's! Can you imagine if they realized and learned that we have forums and the internet has shown and shared with us all the awesome sites so that we can perv our fetish for spankings.

I love that Master is head of our house and that there is something so sexy about Him being the Boss. 

I decided while researching the episode I wanted to share I found this one and the comment came from that episode Dominant Ricky

I found this comment regarding Ricky being Dominant and it fits perfectly!!

"I like a man being the boss .. and with Ricky being from Cuba, where the men were the head of the home, it was quite fitting he would carry on the tradition in the U. S. They were a wonderful pair, loved each other totally, and I loved the show, I never tire of the reruns."

In case some of you haven't seen the episode that I was referring to on I Love Lucy here it is Ricky Ricardo's guide to marriage

For me Lucy is also a classic Pin Up Model and she is a fetish of mine. Her facial expressions, the clothes, the 1950's genre with her sexy Cuban husband Desi Arnaz, I really believe she and a few other beautiful women made up what the 1950's pin up model criteria would be. I love how curvy they were and seen as incredibly sexy women. 

I've not had a spanking in quite sometime but that doesn't mean I've not pushed the limits from time to time *grins*.  It is still one of my favorite fetishes, flogging is next but if you combine them both! Look out, happy girl will come shining through!

So what's your favorite fetish?

Laugh, Love and Live


December 2, 2011

New Groups and Advent Calendar

I've been hard at work making a new group on Facebook, feel free to join it! Langley Swap & Buy I got the idea from another group called Chilliwack Mom Swap/Buy as I've been selling my Master's items as he is downsizing to move in with me *happy girl*. 

I've also decided to join my friend padmeamidala whose blog I follow Journey to the Darkside and do a daily #adventblog. She got the idea from a blogger she follows who I now follow Mija's blog thank you Mija for the idea!! Please check out Mija's blog if you are interested in joining us by having a countdown on your blog towards Christmas.

The idea is to blog everyday about whatever is on your mind, and do a countdown towards Christmas. This is day 1 for my #advent calendar.

I am going to copy and paste Mija's explanation (I hope she doesn't mind) 

"If you do decide to play along there are no rules, no topics and no guilt for missing a day (I may struggle sometimes myself). But do let me know either here or on Twitter. I want to put a list of everyone Advent blogging on my posts."

"You're welcome to do the same or not, whatever seems the most fun. Don't feel you have to blog about any specific topic. My own will be about whatever is on my mind for the day, be it holiday related, kink related or some political topic I can't leave alone. My only suggestion is that you use this style "My Blog Title: Day X" so there's a countdown to the 25th."

I think it will be a lot of fun to do and look forward to following padmeamidala and mija's blogs daily. I also look forward to following other #advent blogs on our countdown to Christmas!!

Don't forget to join my new group on Facebook Langley Swap & Buy  - what a great way to swap items or buy for Christmas! 

Laugh, Live & Love