December 25, 2011

Birthday Spanks !

First off I would like to thank Mija, you created a wonderful idea about Advent blogging and keeping up daily. This taught me that for me, life happened to get very stressful in ways no one can prepare for. It also taught me, that it isn't as easy to think of what to write everyday either lol. A new goal for me, not sure, just yet. 

So on to the topic at hand..... I thought I would post about the birthday spanks I received for my birthday this past Friday. 

Being that I have a birthday right smack dab in the Christmas Season, I am accustomed to not having anything celebratory... well that is... until some kinky friends were having a get together and the invitation was extended to myself. It should be noted that none of them knew it was my birthday that very day when the invitation was sent. 

Birthday Spanks Received

I had a very warm bum and yesterday I had lovely purple marks to remind me of my special day.  Special friends for a special day. There was also a surprise birthday song sung to me! I was very surprised and yes, shy when everyone started to sing Happy Birthday to me lol. Just something I am not used to. 

Time to Blow Out the Candles!! 
Apparently I left 4 standing lol

May the Christmas spirit be with you and yours now and always! 

Laugh, Live and & Love

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