December 23, 2011


Hard to believe that not only is today my Birthday and Christmas Eve is tomorrow, then the day that many have been waiting for, Christmas!!

I see by my counter to the left of my blog, it will be my one year anniversary since I started blogging. I've found that blogging has been helping me to get my thoughts out and explore my Fetish and Kink sides openly. There will always be people that either like you or don't. What matters is that you are true to yourself.

I have fallen behind with my #Advent blogging :(, something I am not happy about, but I believe with all that has happened in the last couple of weeks, and then this week hasn't been any better. I am just about ready to hop into a hole, like a ground hog does, and check on February 2 to see if I have a shadow!

So tell me, are you guys all ready for Santa to arrive, maybe He will have that new flogger you asked for, or belt for that special slave or submissive. Either way from myself and my family, we wish to wish all of you a very Kinky Christmas and Fetish New Year!

I saw this and just HAD to share it with You all!

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  1. Happy birthday and also happy blogging anniversary too!