September 25, 2013

How I See My Master

I know it has been a long time, (a few months) since I have written. There have been a variety of reasons, but now that things are starting to return to better paths, I thought I would do an update. 

I wrote this recently and am going to share it here:

Over two and half years ago you can into my life, literally by a drive to an event that cancelled suddenly. Never had I felt so comfortable as we chatted while you drove to and from the event. Your ease to make me laugh, your sexy voice was all I had known, other than a profile picture of sexy man's chest.

During our conversations, not once did I ever see a photo of you til that evening you decided to drive back from the cancelled event and we spoke of meeting. You graciously went to Tim Hortons and picked up my steeped tea and you your triple triple. When you returned, you came to my home (something I seldom, if ever allowed anyone to come to) that was the very first time I had ever seen your face, the entire person, no longer just a voice and torso. Talk about a handsome and sexy man!

As our days and weeks went by, we realized we are joined. We both just knew that we are meant to be together.

I have no words to describe the passion you bring out in me. When we have done a scene, you have always made sure to have everything I need for when I return from sub drop. Your arms surrounding me, making me feel safe, always. Even so much as to make sure the next day, how I was and if I needed anything.
I smile with appreciation when I have seen you do a scene with another submissive. To see your floggers dance across the flesh, rhythm flowing to music that pulsates through your veins.

In our day to day life, you have always had my best interests. Through surgery, recovery and physical pain, you never wavered. My mental health has been a challenge, yet with your support and communication, you have shown me that not all run away. You have given me acceptance and returning of trust, something I thought I had long since lost.

You understand me, you encourage me and challenge me.

I am proud to be your submissive and love you with all that I am.