August 31, 2012


Something came across my path this morning and it triggered a thought. What does the word play mean to you? 

As many of you know Master and I are poly. However, I've been struggling with my feelings around that right now, it is most likely to do with my growth and changes I have been going through in my vanilla life as I come to acceptance of some things. 

Play to me can mean sex or it can mean doing a public or private scene.  For me, negotiating and discussion on what is understood is huge. I never leave anything to be assumed.

When Master says do you want to play? I know he is referring to a scene that usually incorporates sex into our time together. In fact most if not all my play partners in my BDSM experience sex has always been a factor. But what does it mean to you? 

There are people who do not incorporate sexual activity into their relationships. In fact, "back in the day" sex had nothing to do with BDSM scenes. I often have wondered if it is the combination of arisen endorphin's, sexual chemistry and energy, that have encouraged physical intimacy? 

If it is your first time playing, emotions can and often do come to the surface, causing you to potentially feel like you have found your partner, your life mate, when on his/her side it was nothing more than part of a scene, the moment now long past, he/she has gone on about their life; yet you are still riding the waves of your experience, hoping for more and often! I know what that feels like, I'm sure a few of us know what that feels like, especially when you haven't had a mentor to advise you and teach you what to look for. 

When I am at a swinging event, play means "let's have sex". I've never heard it used any other way. 

Master has been talking to someone who is very interested in Him. She is eager to play, yet I do not know what that means to her. My gut and assumption says it is sex, but does it? She is new to the lifestyle, and I remember what it was like to be exposed to all the excitement and wonder. Wanting to feel every emotion, every flogger, spank and blind fold. To being that kid in the proverbial candy store wanting to eat every sweet, succulent yummy bit of sugar you can touch, til you are overloaded. 

It leaves me uneasy.

August 30, 2012


OOPs, please excuse my laxs in writing! I've been busy with my 'nilla life doing renovations, tsk tsk a naughty girl am I! Anyone up to give me an OTK spanking? 

So I've been doing some research on places I've always wanted to go to but haven't gotten the chance to yet. A couple come to mind. One is Shadowlane which happens to be this weekend, and is in Las Vegas. I've never gone to a spanking event like this before and it looks like so much fun! To be mingling and possibly playing with other spanko's just gets me all excited and wet!!

It would be awesome to be with Master, on a get away weekend for a few days! Sounds so blissful! 

So how many of you want to give me a spank? What would you use on my ass? 

Here are a few that I love to feel on my ass:  floggers, wood spoons, bamboo canes, hairbrush, barehanded, crops,.... these are just a few of the many many wonderful spanking toys out there! 

Don't be shy, write me, tell me what you would want to use on me! 

Licks and Spanxxs!


August 8, 2012

Consensual Spanking Day!!

Yay! What a fantastic day! I was reading Fetlife  that today is Consensual Spanking Day! I think this just rocks! Any reason for spanking is a great reason for me! So how many of you will be getting spanked today?

Things have been rather busy around here lately, Master has been super busy tearing down our bathroom and making way for our new one that will be put in soon! I can't wait. 

In the meantime don't forget to vote for me Don't Forget to Vote! and if you want to follow me, please do so on Twitter  SensualSierra or on Tumblr Theroadofsensuality!

Have a fantastic day! 

Lixxs and Spanxs!

August 2, 2012

2012 Top Sex Bloggers List

This is my first year entering and it would mean so much to me if you could vote for me here and show your love for my blog!! 

I voted for my top 2 sex bloggers they are:

1. My Bottom Smarts - she is a fantastic writer who shares of her love of spankings and her fantasies!

2. Life, Submission and Exploration you really should follow this weekly blogger who shares of her love of her M/s relationship with her Daddy and her enjoyment of everything they share together including Ass Fuck Fridays. 

I follow quite a few blogs, that are shown to the right of my blog, all you need to do is click on one of them and it will take you right to their site. I must admit, being a blogger is a lot of work and it is rewarding, but like all good things, it takes a lot of time and energy to become skilled at writing and to gaining followers. I know the longer I blog, the more followers I will gain. I will be going through my list and voting for them as well. Closing is AUGUST 31, 2012.

I am so appreciative of the followers I have gained, and I am always so happy to see a new one has joined or commented about something I have written about. My Master loves to hear how my blog is doing and how others are enjoying it. Thank you all for your feedback and comments!!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter SensualSierra this is where I share all of my kinky enjoyments!! 

August 1, 2012

34th Annual Pride Parade!

In case you aren't aware, this weekend is one of THE largest annual event of our Community. Forget all the drama lama's out there, Pride is here!!

Pride is a very important, exciting and expressive time for all of us in our LGBTQ Community. With all the press surrounding recent events, now is the time to be downtown Vancouver, Sunday, August 5, 2012, supporting our friends, family, old and new in our choice to be outspoken and proud of who we are! 

There will be masses of bodies, floats, marches, all with the common denominator, to unite as one! Be proud of who you are. It doesn't matter if you are a Kinkster, Fetishist, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Straight. What does matter is that you are there and enjoying everything about who you are! With those in your Community who support and accept you for all that makes you, you!

Friends near and dear to me who are out and very proud of who they are, have shared their painful stories about what it has been like to live behind the wall of shame. I stand beside them, as they stand for who they are, no longer ashamed. 

Here is a link to the 2012 Vancouver Pride Guide for this years events, be sure to check it out!

Make sure you get here early as the parade route has changed a bit, and spots will fill up quickly! This literally is an all day event, starting around noon and ending when the day is done!

Below is a map of this year's route!