August 30, 2012


OOPs, please excuse my laxs in writing! I've been busy with my 'nilla life doing renovations, tsk tsk a naughty girl am I! Anyone up to give me an OTK spanking? 

So I've been doing some research on places I've always wanted to go to but haven't gotten the chance to yet. A couple come to mind. One is Shadowlane which happens to be this weekend, and is in Las Vegas. I've never gone to a spanking event like this before and it looks like so much fun! To be mingling and possibly playing with other spanko's just gets me all excited and wet!!

It would be awesome to be with Master, on a get away weekend for a few days! Sounds so blissful! 

So how many of you want to give me a spank? What would you use on my ass? 

Here are a few that I love to feel on my ass:  floggers, wood spoons, bamboo canes, hairbrush, barehanded, crops,.... these are just a few of the many many wonderful spanking toys out there! 

Don't be shy, write me, tell me what you would want to use on me! 

Licks and Spanxxs!


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