June 28, 2012

Bucket List and Reflections

So I had realized that I have been doing things that are on my Bucket List and hadn't updated my list!  I took the time to go through and read and add things that I have done as I feel it is important to acknowledge as much as I can that I am contributing to my world. 

I am feeling really good with my choices and one of which I am really happy about is the development of my own webpage. You can find it on my Bucket List, please  check it out!!

How often do you update your bucket list? Do you keep one? If not, how come? 

Enjoy this warm Summer's Day!

Live, Love and Lixs!

June 27, 2012

D/s and Protocol

Well, even when Master is away He has protocols. I wasn't a very good girl this morning. Master reminded me that I didn't say good night last night or good morning via text to Him. Those are two things I always do faithfully. It seems I had fallen asleep and didn't realize I had and this morning I was very scattered in my thoughts. 

Master had written me of his displeasure and although not a big deal to many, they were ones of importance to Him. I felt my back go up, as I don't like being told that I have done something wrong, my bratty side comes out and you would think that she should be stomping her feet or something!

I'm not sure if there is a punishment to follow, but I have no doubt Master will make sure I remember my place with Him. 

In the meantime our embers continue to slowly grow in warmth, counting down the days til He is home. 

Live, Laugh and Spanxs!

June 25, 2012

Cuddles and Bedtime

Master and I have been discussing ways to keep our D/s in our lives far more than we have been. Unfortunately, life can overshadow things and 'nilla creeps in rather quickly. 

So upon further discussions with Master, we have decided to install a bedtime schedule, whereby when He feels it is best for me to go to bed, I will do so. We have done this a few times, and I really like it; it makes me feel loved and secure in knowing He has my best interests, especially with my health and the importance of my getting as much sleep as possible. 

In the morning, as He is still out of town, I will always greet Him with Good Morning Master. I have found it really makes His day that much more special, to see that message from me. I always want to be the best I can be for Master. 

We have been discussing many different things, like what chores did I get done in the day. It is expected that during the day I will have done my routine tasks as well as make sure to enjoy the outside, especially on very sunny days. Now, we had a great day today and I did get out for a drive, but unfortunately my allergies flared. Master was very proud of His girl for doing the yard work as I was not asked to do it for one thing, and two I made a point of being outside. After I did my yard work, I came in and showered, and had to take some sinus medicine as I couldn't breathe very well. Master told me He was very pleased and that after my shower I was to rest and take a nap if I wanted. 

A lot of times He will text me my cuddles and such. I really love how He is always thinking of us even in the smallest of ways. It is so important for us as a couple, to remember the little things. 

I had gone to meet a possible new partner on the weekend and today we were texting. He is also very thoughtful in that He agreed with Master in that the best place for me was to be resting and He texted a cuddle to me, to which I replied that I like to snuggle and that I liked it there. It is very nice to be thought of by two men who someday will meet. 

The days til Master comes home are slowly moving along, I think we are down to about 13 days or so and I can't wait kneel before Him, to present myself to Him. 

Our  Sexy on the Darkside is warming and soon the embers will be Hot with Passion! I can't wait!!

Live, Love & Laugh

June 16, 2012

Spanking Scenes and Music

A few years ago I was graced with being able to do a scene with a Dominant that loved to set a scene with a "tone". I always knew when He became "dark" in personality (please know there is a huge difference between being angry and being dark. Being dark just means (to me) a mood representative of acting the part).

Wake Me Up

The room a color of deep red, the drapery matching. A spanking bench is before me, while above a carabeaner dangles a thick chain that will suspend my arms as I am used to His satisfaction. Soon the sounds of music, deep and dark filters through the room, setting the tone all the while freshly lit candles dancing with shadows against the walls. A fire lit, to warm my naked body as I kneel before it on the faux animal skin rug.  I  feel His hands on my shoulders and exhale, the rhythm of the music sliding through my veins to my soul  into my mind's eye, awareness of what is about to transpire awakening within me. 

All I hear is music, a blind fold now covers my eyes, no talking allowed once a scene has started, I know He will check on me during the scene to see how I am feeling and if I wish to continue as the depth of our scene becomes more intense. 

I feel the warmth of His hands on my ass, slowly and steadily I feel the rise of His slapping movements go from gradual and quiet, to steady and intense. Each cheek is starting to become warm, a light crimson color coming to the surface as I lay across the spanking bench.

I realize now the feeling of His hands are no longer on my ass; it has been replaced with a flogger. Softly at first, the tips catching my ass cheek, flick, flick, flick, SWAT! I am now at attention, not in pain or injury, just awakened, my mind's eye acute of my surroundings, no longer drifting to a calm state. 

This is a taste of the erotica I write. If you'd like to read more leave me a note below!!

June 14, 2012

Plans Change

This morning I was to meet a new potential play partner. We've not had any luck with meeting. First time he cancelled, second one I didn't make it, and just now he is wanting to change the time. I just can't help but feel  that this person is going to stand me up. I've also been reflecting on some "flags" that I had been keeping to myself, but I have since discussed them with Master and we both feel that this may not be a person who is who he says he is. Someone who gets upset because he is addressed as Sir right away, someone who when he didn't get a reaction he wanted from me, decided he was going to go and find someone else, both pieces of information I told him "good luck" as in good luck with his search. Now he contacts me asking if I would meet him for breakfast and I said yes, I think I will stick with no. 

Let this be a lesson ladies and gents! If the flags are starting to pop up, than chances are the rest of the information will follow suit.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Lixxs and Spanxs!


June 13, 2012

Rainy Days & Masturbation Marathon

Happy Hump Day/Evening to all my pervy friends in the social universe! 

I was chatting with my friend today on Twitter SensualSierra and padmeamidala and she came up with a fabulous kinky idea of having a Masturbation Marathon from all of our Twitter friends! I personally love it and told her that I challenge her, just as I am challenging all of you! 

Lixxs & Spanxs!


June 12, 2012

A new feature

I've decided to add a new project to blogging. I am now available by telephone and webcam! Cum and check me out, hit me up, let's chat. Rates are $2.99 per minute. 

I will definitely make it worth your while. 

Sierra Cabo - Tell Me Your Fetish and I'll tell you mine!

Lixxs and Spanxs!


June 9, 2012

The Punishment

This was to be no ordinary Saturday and I had been warned.

You told me dress comfortably for my drive; yet I knew better, once I was settled I was expected to change and I knew what you wanted; you wanted your special shirt, the one with the buttons, the one that you gave me, as I know how it not only makes You happy, it also sets the mood with my 4 inch black heels and nothing else.
I arrive and I am chatty, You figure that I am nervous something I didn't expect; given I am not fearful of You; however, it had been quite awhile since You had Punished me. You saw the trepidation and You asked me to come to You. You had a softness about You and You asked if I trusted You, I said I did, but that I did not know what You had in mind for me and it had been a long time since You had actually Punished me. You smiled and kissed me softly and yet your arms around me made me feel secure and safe. You ask me to stand up and to turn around and I do, You spank my ass and ask me to change. Off I go!
I suddenly hear music through the house and know the mood is being set, I remember seeing the chains hanging from the upper railing.
I return to You as expected, You inspect me approvingly. I kneel before You, You lean forward to hug me, You kiss me before we discuss boundaries, hard limits and safe words. You are in tune with me, remembering that this will allow me to feel the trust I need before our scene is to begin.
I stripped before You, only wearing 4 inch black heels, sexiness and sensuality come over me. I am now ready to receive my Punishment.
You place the bondage cuffs around each wrist and hang me from each chain, a blind fold now covers my eyes. I feel my surroundings become dark, anticipation has now overcome me. I know that You have Your various floggers, crops and other nasty toys that will be placed upon my flesh. I will accept with dignity and grace all upon me.
You start softly, warming my flesh, each impact becoming warmer, each spot reminding me like a muscle remembers a dance routine. You bring the leather flogger to my nose, I inhale the beautiful smell of the leather, oh how I love that smell, and You ask me if I remember Her and I said "Yes Sir".
You catch me by surprise, something not easily done! I feel 3 very intense slap, slap, slap on my flesh, my ass, my back, my breasts, my pussy each strike harder and stronger than the first. I suddenly find myself twisting and turning, something I have not done with Sir before. I find myself "in my head, now wondering how Sir will further Punish me for moving around." I am no longer sure which direction I am; You say to me, "Return to your spot!" I do, or so I thought. You ask again, "Try again". I say "Sir, I seem to have become confused in my sense of direction" You whisper in my ear "I know, see if you can figure it out". I take a minute, but Sir is wanting me to return to my original spot. I become flustered and ask Sir if I can have assistance. He assists me and returns me to where I need to be, spreading my legs.
Sir fingers my pussy and says "Slut, you're very wet; did you expect to cum?" I'm now wiggling as Sir is playing with my clit and I answer with "No, Sir".
Sir looks into my eyes and says to me, "Given that you are on orgasm denial Sweet One, you best not let a single drop of cum release from your pussy, or a further Punishment will await you, With that said, Sir shoves His fingers into my mouth for me to clean and lick off.
Sir decides that this scene is now complete and He removes me from the cuffs and chains. I already had my water/juice, chocolate and other goodies waiting for me, and Sir has a blanket waiting for me to cuddle with Him.
Sir says says to me awhile later, "I have another scene that awaits you upstairs...."

June 7, 2012

The Night

The energy fills the room, candles lit, lingering incense fills the room. She awaits His entry, but she doesn't know when it will be. He has told her to be a good girl and wait, that being patient will be expected if she wishes to entertain the idea of his company.
As instructed, she puts on His music, deep, dark, almost goth like filtrates the room, she knows He is near and will be entering soon. The anticipation almost takes her to the edge, and she hasn't even seen Him yet. Her palms are sweaty, her heart skips a beat, she double checks to make sure her tasks have been attended to; she knows that if she misses one, punishment will follow.
Suddenly, she hears a knock, she smiles softly, she knows He is here. Quietly, she opens the door, greeting Him in the outfit He asked for; One of His dress shirt, open to all but one button, the shadow of her body shimmering in the candle light, her 4 inch black heels illuminating the sensual curves of her calves, the shapeliness of her breasts and ass.
He inspects her, as He runs His fingers through her hair, He tugs just enough to give her neck a reminder that He is in the room, she feels her knees starting to buckle as they often do when He starts to demonstrate His dominance. A growl emits from His throat, she hears it in her right ear, she moans softly as He has been teaching her to cum on his command of a certain growl, but not this one.
She feels herself grow wet between her legs, but doesn't allow herself to cum, she knows if she cums before He allows.... she shudders at the thought. He continues with His inspection, slowly running His hands along the curves of her body, commenting on how beautiful she is, how sensual she feels, her smell, her lips; then giving her nipple a twist, just enough to make her smile. He catches the smile in the corner of His eye, and asks her what she was smiling about. She tells Him nothing Sir, to know that He saw that, means that she wasn't keeping her thoughts mindful.
He looks around the room, the music He requested is playing in the background, several candles lit through the room, several blankets lay before the just lit fireplace, two glasses and a bottle of red wine (His favorite) uncorked and airing. He steps behind her, His hands around her waist, He nibbles and kisses her neck through her hair, He tells her that she has done very well and she will be rewarded for such good behavior. She smiles and says "Thank you Sir, I'm happy to have pleased You." He guides her to where He wants her to stand, He wants to see her curves dance in the light of the candles, against the wall. He smiles in anticipation, will it be a flogger or a crop that tastes her flesh this evening?
He pours them both a glass of red wine and gives her a glass, He instructs her to lay on the blanket in front of the now warm fire, she feels the warmth against her skin. He comes to her, they share a moment of indulgence, He asks her what she would like to enjoy this evening, will it be the flogger, crop, wooden spoon or all 3 perhaps? She knows better than to decide, because no matter what she chooses, He will ultimately decide.
He goes to His bag of toys and gathers the leather cuffs that He knows she loves, placing them on her. Next, the blind fold, suddenly her senses are acutely aware, she hears the crackling of the fire clearer, the smell of the candle wick, she wonders will be next. He helps her to her feet. placing her on the cross, chaining her to each corner, facing the wall. She is now in complete darkness, completely at His mercy. She hears the zipper of His toy bag again, but this time she has no idea what He will retrieve. Her heart now starts to beat faster, before He does anything, He comes to her whispering in her ear "how do you feel?" She replies "I'm fine Sir" He says "that is good to hear" and with that He removes the dress shirt she was wearing, now exposing her beautiful body fully dancing in the shadows on the wall. He gently touches her ass, feeling the flesh, the curves; the warmth of His hand radiating into her skin. He smacks her gently at first, to warm her to His touch. First left, than right, then left again. Each strike becoming more intense than the first, her ass slowly starting to show a a color of mild red. He approaches her ear and whispers, "How do you feel little one, are you ok with everything?" She says "Yes Sir, I am."
She feels so lucky to have a Sir who is attentive to her needs, checking in with her, to make sure she feels safe and cared for.
He now strikes with the flogger made of bunny fur, the thuddy sound reflecting off her ass. She smiles in response to the impact, she so loves the feeling of the flogger. The intensity now increasing; then suddenly she feels a sting, oh that sting she knows so well, the twisting of her nipples, the clamps he has now put on her, starting to send her to her happy place. She now has the sensation of stinging and thuddy two of her favorite feelings. He now alternates between the flogger and the crop. Upon the strike of the crop, she utters a sound, a wince, He realizes now where He is taking her to and smiles. Checking in with her again, confirming she is where she wants to be, and if she feels the need to use a safe word. She replies that she doesn't and wants to continue.
The scene continues, all the while her wetness intensifies and He becoming more aroused by seeing her in this state of bliss. After a few more strikes of the crop, her now crimson ass reflective of the moment, He now releases her of her cuffs and removes the blind fold. He takes her in His arms, and gathers a blanket to wrap around her, He gives her some cuddles and kisses, reminding her how beautiful she is and how well she has done. He gives her what she needs, food, water and comfort.
Suddenly, she feels His touch, His gaze pour upon her and she knows she is His. He kisses her passionately, their bodies suddenly becoming intertwined, the building of their desires, the heat and chemistry have come to a fevered pitch and with that the night continues well into the morning......

Stuck in the trunk

Recently I did an amazing photo shoot with Keith Graham of Keith Graham Studios as well as Cheeki Cherry



Don't you just love the color red..... 

Be sure to check out Cheeki Cherry for all your fashion needs, accessories and shoes!! Brigida and the girls will be thrilled to help you out!!

Ta Ta for now!

Lixxs and Spanxs!


June 6, 2012

Sexy Secrets

You know we all have them, those fantasies that we wish to live out, or keep in our treasure chest when we are masturbating that bring us to that fantastic blissful orgasm. Well what if we shared our secrets? Get them off our chests or bounce them off in some cases *wink* *wink*

I know I have a few naughty fantasies as well as some that have come to reality. Shall I share them with you? If yes, leave me a comment.... I'd love to hear your thoughts, as well as your stories as well!

Happy Hump Day!

Lixxs and Smacks!


June 4, 2012

New Corset - Warning its HOT!!

Saturday came with a busy day ahead of me. After the errands and chores I took care, I decided to stop at my favorite Pin Up Store Cheeki Cherry

I will be definitely posting some photos of me in it very soon! I just wanted to give you an idea of what sexy clothes can be found at Cheeki Cherry! 

I thought I would throw in a QOTD from Cheeki Cherry

Question of the Day....

IF you could name a drink after your sex life what would it be called? Post your answer on Brigida Crosbie page or on Cheeki Cherry

I decided on Spankable Ass, Pussy Liqueur and Satisfaction Guaranteed LOL! So tell her what your names would be! Be sure to post your answers here and there. I'd love to know what's on your mind too! 

Lixxs and Spanks! 


June 1, 2012

A sad submissive

Every year my Master heads back to his home town for an extended period of time. The first few days are very hard for me. We have such a strong connection emotionally and spiritually. When I say he is my best friend I really mean it. 

As I struggle with depression, I have been struggling since Master has been gone. He knows and wishes that things weren't the way they are. He wants me to do whatever I want, to socialize, to connect with friends and perhaps new friends. All sounds wonderful, doesn't it? My problem, I have no desire to meet and greet anyone. 

So my question to my pervy readers is this:

I want you all to post to me some suggestions and ideas of things I can do to help me stay focused and occupied while Master is away. 

I know that I will look for daily positive affirmations to help me feel positive.
I know that the weather, especially when it is gloomy out, plays heavily on my mood and spirit. 
I know I would like to meet new people, perhaps new play partners. 
I know I will continue to focus on my vegetable garden, weeding and thinning all the goodness to be reaping and sowing their goodness.

Now for the fun lifestyle stuff!! Tell me some of your fantasies, I would love to hear from you! Perhaps another task would be to set up friendship emails; people I can communicate with back and forth with.