June 1, 2012

A sad submissive

Every year my Master heads back to his home town for an extended period of time. The first few days are very hard for me. We have such a strong connection emotionally and spiritually. When I say he is my best friend I really mean it. 

As I struggle with depression, I have been struggling since Master has been gone. He knows and wishes that things weren't the way they are. He wants me to do whatever I want, to socialize, to connect with friends and perhaps new friends. All sounds wonderful, doesn't it? My problem, I have no desire to meet and greet anyone. 

So my question to my pervy readers is this:

I want you all to post to me some suggestions and ideas of things I can do to help me stay focused and occupied while Master is away. 

I know that I will look for daily positive affirmations to help me feel positive.
I know that the weather, especially when it is gloomy out, plays heavily on my mood and spirit. 
I know I would like to meet new people, perhaps new play partners. 
I know I will continue to focus on my vegetable garden, weeding and thinning all the goodness to be reaping and sowing their goodness.

Now for the fun lifestyle stuff!! Tell me some of your fantasies, I would love to hear from you! Perhaps another task would be to set up friendship emails; people I can communicate with back and forth with. 

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