February 11, 2012

Bucket List

Writing a bucket list is important to me, as it will help keep me focused on what I want to accomplish before I die.  I will keep adding to it as I think of more items. If you think of something you would like me to add to my list, please email me at sultrysensualsierra@gmail.com.

I will blog about what I have crossed off and from time to time include pictures and talk about what the experience was like. My goal with writing out a bucket list is to encourage me to always live life to the fullest and to be mindful of the present.
  1. Fly in a hot air balloon
  2. Do a tour in a Helicopter
  3. Visit Mount Baker (Never been)
  4. Para-sailing in a warm climate
  5. Fly First Class Round Trip
  6. Vacation in Jamaica
  7. Volunteer work with mental illness
  8. Volunteer work with animal shelters
  9. Volunteer work with battered women
  10. Volunteer work with homeless shelters
  11. Help someone anonymously
  12. Send a message in a bottle
  13. Go to England to see family 
  14. Work on my weight loss and get back to my karate weight 
  15. Work on improving my strength training 
  16. Work on my cardiovascular
  17. Add exercises every day or other day til I am at 30 to 45 mins.
  18. Take Blaze (my dog) to Tynehead Park and walk an hour at least once a week
  19. Get a dog preferably from a rescue or animal shelter
  20. Visit Jasmine and Destiny with Blaze 
  21. Have a salt water tank again 
  22. Have my blood taken to make sure my cholesterol is below warning
  23. Get yearly STD testing
  24. Donate Blood
  25. Stop biting my nails
  26. Get gel nails again
  27. Get my hair cut and styled
  28. Do Pin Up Modelling
  29. Do More Fetish Modelling
  30. Do More Photography with Patrick Parenteau
  31. Write my Will
  32. Learn how to use YouTube 
  33. Learn how to make money online with PTC (Point to Click)
  34. Have my ashes released in my favorite park and in the ocean
  35. Finish renovations started in my kitchen
  36. Start renovations in my bathroom 
  37. Expand my vegetable garden 
  38. Go to  Scotland
  39. Get another tattoo - this one representing my pets (Rizzo, Blaze, Teo, Jingles paw prints)
  40. Visit  Italy
  41. Try surfing in California or Hawaii
  42. Go back to Hawaii
  43. Go Whale Watching in Vancouver
  44. Return to fishing - Salmon or Trout
  45. Sleep overnight on a boat, and see the florescent ling cod (loved it the first time)
  46. Vacation in Vegas (I've never been)
  47. Go to Victoria and visit the Empress Hotel and have High Tea
  48. Get a full body massage followed up by a soak in a mud bath
  49. Return to Acupuncture 
  50. Have a Reiki treatment
  51. Enjoy a Hot Stone Massage  (keep it up for health benefits)
  52. Enjoy regular massages (helps cleanse my body of toxins)
  53. Cleanse my home of negative energy
  54. Do a Yeast and Intestinal Cleanse twice a year
  55. Continue on my spiritual journey 
  56. Continue with my working on my inner self
  57. Start and Finish the program called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  DBT   
  58. When ready - stop taking HRT
  59. When ready - stop taking Beta Blocker
  60. When ready - reduce Effexor XR
  61. Take a ride on a real train (no, not the skytrain!)
  62. Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco
  63. Ride a trolley car in San Francisco
  64. Ride a gondola (maybe in Switzerland or Banff)
  65. Have a Long Term Savings account
  66. Get Registered Disability Savings Account
  67. File appeal for CPP Disability
  68. File complaint with College of Physicians and Surgeons re: Ear DX
  69. File complaint with Patient Care re: medical treatment at LMH
  70. Visit a Winery in California
  71. Ride a horse on a beach at sunset 
  72. Sit on a beach watching the sunrise/sunset
  73. Swim naked in Jamaica, Hawaii or Barbados
  74. Have sex under a waterfall
  75. Make love in the rain (been a long time)
  76. Dance in the Rain 
  77. Go to a Swingers Resort
  78. Check out Allure 
  79. Stay at an all inclusive Resort
  80. See a show at the River Rock Hotel and Casino
  81. See a show at the Red Robinson Theatre
  82. See a Broadway Play on Broadway
  83. Walk through Central Park in New York
  84. Go to see the Phantom of the Opera
  85. Write an erotic story
  86. Create a following on my blog
  87. Have a contest on my blog  Sexy on the Darkside
  88. Encourage people to read my blog  Coming out of the Dark
  89. Create an income from online sites
  90. Get to know my nephews
  91. Visit an authentic haunted house
  92. Drive down the Oregon Coast
  93. Ride in a Horse drawn Carriage in the winter
  94. Stay in a cabin in the winter
  95. Go snow shoeing
  96. Sit in a hot tub in the winter
  97. Have a real Christmas Tree in my home
  98. Vacation in Disney World in Florida
  99. Vacation in Miami 
  100. Swim with dolphins
  101. Ride an Elephant 
  102. Touch a Giraffe and feed them
  103. Go on an African Safari
  104. Visit Okinawa, Japan
  105. Have sushi in Okinawa, Japan
  106. Go to the 9/11 site in New York, USA
  107. Learn Bellydancing and make my own costume
  108. Have a romantic picnic in the park
  109. Watch the stars and name the constellations
  110. Make a wish on a shooting star
  111. See the Northern Lights
  112. Watch a movie outdoors on a big screen
  113. Go to a Drive In Movie (haven't since I was a young girl)
  114. Play spin the bottle (haven't since I was a young girl)
  115. Play truth or dare (haven't since I was a young girl)
  116. Learn to fire a gun
  117. Go back to Karate and get my black belt 
  118. Take a kickboxing class
  119. Visit my close friend in Hines Creek, Alberta
  120. Visit the boys I had in Kinship care 
  121. Go and see Bruce Lee's grave and send positive thoughts and energy
  122. Go and see Brandon Lee's grave and send positive thoughts and energy
  123. Learn to make soap from scratch
  124. Take up knitting again
  125. Relearn crocheting
  126. Learn to make candles from bees wax
  127. Learn to make a scrapbook
  128. Learn to take photographs of high quality
  129. Learn a new language other than English and Spanish
  130. Go see a Dinner Theatre 
  131. Write a book
  132. Pay off my Student Loan
  133. Ride a mechanical bull
  134. Go to  Blodel Conservatory
  135. Check out  Dr. Sun Yat Sun - Chinese Garden
  136. Continue to get the word out about mental illness 
  137. Spend more time with my family on the K side. 
  138. Go to my family grave site
  139. Create my own website  SultrySierra
  140. Attend 30 week program at Group Therapy Services - BPD


  1. I really enjoyed reading your bucket list. Everyone should have one. It's encouraged me to live my dreams to the fullest. Life is short so make the most of it and do the things you've always wanted to do! :D

  2. Thank you for your feedback padme amidala! I totally agree! It has helped me to see the activities I have been missing to do in my life.

  3. Thank you for your feedback Malika Bourne! It really helps me to know that my readers enjoy what they are seeing in my blog! Keep an eye out, as I will be adding and crossing out things as activities become done and new ones are shared.

  4. Thanks, but being I am on Permanent Disability, that isn't likely to happen anytime soon.