February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!!

Yes, it is THAT day where a cupid is apparently shooting arrows to those needing direction! 

Today I woke up to my Master saying those words to me, and followed with a hug and a kiss.  Something so simple, yet so meaningful!

After not having someone in my life to share any day with, let alone this day, or worse yet, having someone who could care less about this day or any other day. 

So I did some research online to see what others do on this red filled heart day! This is what I found out: http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/canada/valentine-day

"Many people send letters, cards, presents and gifts to the person with whom they have or want to have a romantic relationship. Valentine's Day cards are often red or pink and decorated with images of hearts, red roses, teddy bears, presents or happy couples kissing or embracing. They may be in brightly colored, perhaps pink or red, envelopes.
Many people give gifts to loved ones on Valentine's Day. Common gifts are:
  • Flowers, particularly red roses.
  • Chocolates and/or candy.
  • Teddy bears.
  • Toy hearts.
  • Sparkling wine.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Clothing, including lingerie.
  • Jewelry.
Some people celebrate Valentine's Day lavishly. They may treat their partner to a themed meal in a restaurant or a night in a luxury hotel. Others may take short breaks or vacations on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine's Day can also be an occasion for a more general celebration of love and appreciation of people who are personally important to an individual. School children may help decorate their classrooms with hearts and spring birds and make cards or presents for their parents. Stores may also sell Valentine's Day themed cakes, cookies or candy. Teenagers and young adults may hold Valentine's Day parties or dances on or near February 14."
I'm curious though, if you are spiritual in nature, how do you embrace Valentine's Day? 
I found this article and an excerpt from it, that really resonated with me, and something I know not enough of us do... and that is courtesy of the  Huffington Post Meditation Center
"The focus for Valentine's Day is a unique twist on the what the day has come to mean: before showering your love and affection on someone else (which is a decidedly cool thing to do every day!), how about starting with a simple focus on loving yourself first?
It has been said that we should give from our overflow and Donna's meditation today begins with the premise that the more loving we have inside, the more we have to share with others."
I also want my single followers to know, that I am being mindful of yourselves, and I know the saying "Single Awareness Day" feels more announced today than on any other day. Other than society creating a huge hoopla with celebratory gifts and tokens to loved ones, the thing I want you all to know is this 

In my eyes, you are ALL my Valentine!!

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