February 17, 2012

Passion and Poison

My blog is not usually used as a venting ground. I prefer to do that somewhere else. However, having said that,  the last couple of days I have been brewing over something and even after I have spoken to friends to get their feed back and checking on my sources to get more information, unfortunately my passion for protecting animals and especially our own pets, has caused me to become very determined to find an end resolution to the situation I have been made aware of. 

It seems a very few short days ago, my neighbor and I were speaking, she wanted to let me know that she had noticed a couple of dead squirrels in our complex, now it should be noted that we do not have an abundance of squirrels in the rural area I live in. My neighbor went on further to comment that she had spoken to our Property Manager and he confirmed that poison had been put out by a neighbor, but that he wouldn't reveal who that was! 

When I heard this, I became very upset! I started to have thoughts of "what if's" and not long after my anxiety started to creep up. I stopped myself and reminded myself that Blaze (my beautiful JRT) is home, he's safe and wagging his tail happily in front of me :D. However, the next day, I am skeptical about walking him in and around our part of the neighborhood as I don't know who it is that put it out, and I also don't know what to look for!

I did look in my Community Rules and there is nothing in there about poisoning rodents, I called my local Animal Shelter and they said there was nothing they could do. So, after doing a more thorough check and I came across this note from the BC SPCA Predator Control (i.e. Pest Control). I feel like I have finally stumbled on something viable and content worthy. 

With this, I will leave my blog to be updated when I know more in the coming days! 

Remember to love your pet as much as they love you!  

Ok back to my regular pervy posts! 


  1. We all need a venting ground sometimes! I have lost several dogs to poison that other people put out. And if I could ban poisoning rodents, I would be all over it.

  2. Thank you lil for your comments. I am so sorry to hear you have lost your dogs to the inconsiderateness of people putting out poisons and not saying anything. I am the same as you, if I could find out how to get people fined and reported for not letting people know, I would be all over it.