March 27, 2012

Sexy Booty Shorts!

Master and I were out over the weekend and He took me to this great little alternative store called Hallowvillemanor. This store we had seen last year when we went to the local show and shine and we instantly fell in love with it. There are costumes for rent, as well as clothing to buy!  While checking things out, I stumbled upon a display of sexy booty shorts! Now I really do like booty shorts, however, a lot depends on the material they are made with and how they sit on me. Being a curvy gal, you must understand, it is not sexy to have a sexy pair of booty shorts on if they don't sit right!

I was going through all sorts of sexiness when I stumbled upon two pairs!! 

Yesterday Master gave me a task... I was to use my Hitachi as many times as I wanted and cum in my Lick my Piercing panties. I did do that, but I think I will do some more! I'm hoping that if I can get Master or *maybe* Sir, to do some caning on my ass while I'm wearing my Spank me Hard booty shorts that I can have some sexy pictures to share. 

Enjoy! I know I do!

Live, Laugh & Love


March 24, 2012

My Overnight with the Braided Rose Whip

Our overnight had finally arrived! I was so excited to see Sir, a distraction is really what I needed! Things have been so upside down that being completely submissive is what I knew to be best for me. 

While on my way to meet Sir, I had text Him to ask a question. He told me that He would provide the answer when I arrived at the location agreed to. Within a few minutes I pulled into the parking lot, curious as to what Sir wanted me to do after I text Him of my arrival. 

I waited for his return text, already excited, not sure if I should be afraid or not! Suddenly His reply comes in. 

Sir: Are you going to be a good girl? 
Me: Yes, Sir.
Sir: Will I do as I am told, with no distractions? 
Me: Yes, Sir I will.
Sir: What are you wearing?
Me: Black leggings, a top and heels. 
Sir:  So no jeans or anything like that? 
Me: No Sir.

I'm now really curious, with a nervous smile across my face. 

Sir then says that He wants me to masturbate in my car for 5 solid minutes. When I am done, I am to text Him back. 

The parking lot where I am at, there is a steady stream of people traffic, windows open, blinds or drapes pulled back, I was positive someone would see me. So I pull down my leggings, fingering my pussy, I feel the excitement of being caught, and the adrenaline of doing as I am told, craving to please all rolled into a ball of energy. I look at the clock, thinking to myself, "am I supposed to cum?" oh oh, we never discussed that! 

Not long after, I felt an orgasm hit fast and so I go with it. When I finish, I pull my seat up and text Sir. He asks me if I did as I am told. I said Yes, Sir. He said are you sure? I said Yes, Sir, I'm sure people saw me. He then gives me the rest of the information I needed to find Him. 

I am greeted at the door. I am looking down as I am feeling submissive and very in the moment. He draws me in and smiles at me. Greeting me with a warm hug and kiss, telling me He is very happy to see me, and that I look very hot. *blush*.

The energy of the room is calm, candles lit and porn on the tv via the laptop. I could see some of Sir's toys, I am in for a long, intense scene *smile*. 

We chat for a little while, all the while I am in service to Him. I do everything from lighting his cigarettes, to getting Him something to drink and eat. He asks me to remove His boots and massage His feet. I love giving foot massages, I feel that they are very sensual and erotic. Sir is always freshly washed and well presented. 

Our evening led into many different experiences for me and also with a new addition to my own personal toys. Braided Rose Whip. Sir, used it on me and it felt amazing! The way the falls hit my ass and the combination of sensations, I knew this was the one I wanted! I got it from Licks and Lashes and I have to say the quality of this whip is awesome, I even showed it to Master when my date night was over, and He approved of its quality and design. I can't wait to play with it with Master!

Sir told me that I was a very good girl *smile* what submissive would not be happy to know that she not only stepped outside her comfort zone a little more, as well as a little time to escape the real world for a night. 

Thank you Sir and thank you Master for both allowing me to explore and embrace both of your worlds. 

Balance and Trust

March 17, 2012

Bell in a box - Cinder style

This is my fur family on a day where the kitty felt that crawling into a cereal box was worth a few antics LOL!

March 16, 2012

Sexy St. Patrick's Day!

Its a GREAT day to day! Not only is it TGIF but its a party weekend that includes a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!   I know many will start celebrating and having all kinds of naughty fun tonight! How about you? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What are some of the kinky and fun things you like to do? 

No date night for me tonight, Master is working on a movie set today/night, hoping for a date night and spanking tomorrow. I've been craving his attention a lot lately! I really hope that we can work something out this weekend!

Next week is my overnight with Sir, I have recently heard from Him and he has warned me that I will be used well and many times over!  We have been talking about a flogger that I have been admiring, he has mentioned about bringing a few for me to test out and choose from! Yay! I love new toys!! Hmmm, this makes me think that perhaps I should look at testing products and writing up reviews on them? What do you all think? Do any of you know someone who does this? What do they think of it? Is it fun, is it boring? Do they keep the toys?  I'd love to hear everyone's stories!!

I will be sure to write up a blog of my weekend and my time with Sir in the week to come! 

Love, Laugh and Live


For all my Readers who love to look at some Friday Eye Candy!

March 13, 2012

The anticipation

There is a buzz in the air, my time with Sir is fast approaching! I am excited as it has been a good month and a half since our last play. 

He has already told me that He will push me further, more outside of my comfort zone. As our trust continues to build, I welcome this diversion. I welcome the chance to see what He has in mind. 

The last time we played, I was clothes pegged on my pussy and made to walk and then being teased by Sir as he made a point of saying that I didn't walk like a lady, while feeling those pinching pegs, with every step I took, the more I tried to stride like a lady, the more the pegs rubbed not just on my pussy, but with each other!!  Not to be out done, I had clamps on my breasts, the kind where Sir controls their level of tightness at His will, the chain linking left with the right breast reminding me that any movement I made too extreme, made them "grab" that much more and I would wince. Oh to see Sir's, happiness made it all worth it!!

Being on my knees, looking up at Him, while sucking His cock; forced deep throat, drool starting to bubble out of my mouth.  I could feel the gurgle of my vomit want to creep up more and more.... but I was determined NOT to throw up. I made sure to eat very little that day! Tears started to form, not of sadness but of my reflexes doing my magic.

Sir had me crawl on my knees and follow Him to the bathroom, once their I was required to kneel beside Him, the humiliation drawing me, coaxing me to open up and see what was in store. 

More to follow....

March 9, 2012

My other side

So its done, I've finally taken the time and energy to create a very personal, in depth blog strictly on my health and wellness. 

You can find it here on word press, a personal look at a private pain.Dance With My Father. Make sure to subscribe to my new site. Not to worry though, all my kink related adventures won't be going anywhere! I will still be posting about my adventures and experiences with my poly relationships and my fetish modelling. 

So stay tuned! Don't go anywhere! A new poly blog will be coming up shortly!

Live, Laugh and Love


March 5, 2012

The Power of Gratitude

I like to reflect on the things in life I am grateful for. Gratitude has taught me that no matter who I am, whether it be the kinky poly- submissive or the nature loving dig my feet in the sand kinda of girl, gratitude keeps me level headed and encouraging positive things to enter into my life.

Things I am Thankful for
  • Food in my tummy, a cup of warm tea and a roof over my head
  • Growing my own vegetables
  • Having my dog Blaze in my life
  • Having my cats Jingles, Cinder and Ella making me laugh everyday, even when they are spazzy 
  • Having the love and support of C in my life. 
  • Having the friends in my life that accept me for me
  • Being able to explore old thought patterns and replacing them with healthier ones
  • Having YOU read my blog and hopefully take something away from it
  • Watching the sun peak from the clouds 
  • Listening to the rain on my roof at night
  • Owning my home  

Be sure to stay to check back often for my new blog site!! 

March 1, 2012

How Slutty Are You?

I was surfing a site I usually go to and there was a thread happening. The topic was simply called

Now me being the curious gal that I am, figured what the heck, let's see how slutty I am!  Turns out I am as slutty as I like to be lol! A rousing 86%!! Yep I'm actually proud of that and at my age too boot! 

Here's the test, go ahead, take it.... push yourself to the edge, I bet you will be glad you did!


Live, Laugh & Love


Hitachi Time

Recently Master and I had some play time together. We both were craving to be together, and given our time is precious these days, we take time whenever we can get it!!

The other night, I was horny and asked Master if He would have sex with me. In an instant I was attacked! Master has this very sexy growl that drives me insane and I get really wet from hearing his voice. The other thing He does is he bites me usually around my neck area! Its very primal and HOT, often it reminds me of what we would be like if we were wild animals in the wilderness; except no lion clothes here!

Master starts playing with my clit and pussy, and I am all wiggly and such *giggles*. Master always likes to get me to cum before He even enters me, but I wasn't in the full space for that, so he teases me some more. He flips me over and starts giving me a barehanded spanking! Combined with biting my neck, growling and now spanking me, I and starting to get lost in my little world. Floating happily to hearing His growls, like the wolf he is!

He flips me forcibly and He decides He is going to go for some more intense pussy play and I am a lucky girl!! While He is enjoying my pussy, I grab my Hitachi. For those that don't have a Hitachi Wand, this little baby is the gem of all gems. Here is a good description of it from another blogger Hitachi.

Master orders me to use my Hitachi and upon doing so He enters my pussy. Instant rush! The feeling of a warm ass, the high of the Hitachi vibing my clit and now Master inside me! I want to cum and Master growls at me, a long lingering growl into my ear and I cum very very loudly, not once but multiple times!

I bring Master to orgasm and He is a very happy man!

I love my Master and our connection is strong as is our love!

Live, Laugh and Love,