March 24, 2012

My Overnight with the Braided Rose Whip

Our overnight had finally arrived! I was so excited to see Sir, a distraction is really what I needed! Things have been so upside down that being completely submissive is what I knew to be best for me. 

While on my way to meet Sir, I had text Him to ask a question. He told me that He would provide the answer when I arrived at the location agreed to. Within a few minutes I pulled into the parking lot, curious as to what Sir wanted me to do after I text Him of my arrival. 

I waited for his return text, already excited, not sure if I should be afraid or not! Suddenly His reply comes in. 

Sir: Are you going to be a good girl? 
Me: Yes, Sir.
Sir: Will I do as I am told, with no distractions? 
Me: Yes, Sir I will.
Sir: What are you wearing?
Me: Black leggings, a top and heels. 
Sir:  So no jeans or anything like that? 
Me: No Sir.

I'm now really curious, with a nervous smile across my face. 

Sir then says that He wants me to masturbate in my car for 5 solid minutes. When I am done, I am to text Him back. 

The parking lot where I am at, there is a steady stream of people traffic, windows open, blinds or drapes pulled back, I was positive someone would see me. So I pull down my leggings, fingering my pussy, I feel the excitement of being caught, and the adrenaline of doing as I am told, craving to please all rolled into a ball of energy. I look at the clock, thinking to myself, "am I supposed to cum?" oh oh, we never discussed that! 

Not long after, I felt an orgasm hit fast and so I go with it. When I finish, I pull my seat up and text Sir. He asks me if I did as I am told. I said Yes, Sir. He said are you sure? I said Yes, Sir, I'm sure people saw me. He then gives me the rest of the information I needed to find Him. 

I am greeted at the door. I am looking down as I am feeling submissive and very in the moment. He draws me in and smiles at me. Greeting me with a warm hug and kiss, telling me He is very happy to see me, and that I look very hot. *blush*.

The energy of the room is calm, candles lit and porn on the tv via the laptop. I could see some of Sir's toys, I am in for a long, intense scene *smile*. 

We chat for a little while, all the while I am in service to Him. I do everything from lighting his cigarettes, to getting Him something to drink and eat. He asks me to remove His boots and massage His feet. I love giving foot massages, I feel that they are very sensual and erotic. Sir is always freshly washed and well presented. 

Our evening led into many different experiences for me and also with a new addition to my own personal toys. Braided Rose Whip. Sir, used it on me and it felt amazing! The way the falls hit my ass and the combination of sensations, I knew this was the one I wanted! I got it from Licks and Lashes and I have to say the quality of this whip is awesome, I even showed it to Master when my date night was over, and He approved of its quality and design. I can't wait to play with it with Master!

Sir told me that I was a very good girl *smile* what submissive would not be happy to know that she not only stepped outside her comfort zone a little more, as well as a little time to escape the real world for a night. 

Thank you Sir and thank you Master for both allowing me to explore and embrace both of your worlds. 

Balance and Trust


  1. I am very happy that you are able to experience this. It is very important and i know that i am not as available as you may need and definitely less than you would want. Good post girl.

  2. Thank you Master for reading. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You encourage me to experience all that life has to offer. I can't wait to explore the Braided Rose Whip with you!