March 27, 2012

Sexy Booty Shorts!

Master and I were out over the weekend and He took me to this great little alternative store called Hallowvillemanor. This store we had seen last year when we went to the local show and shine and we instantly fell in love with it. There are costumes for rent, as well as clothing to buy!  While checking things out, I stumbled upon a display of sexy booty shorts! Now I really do like booty shorts, however, a lot depends on the material they are made with and how they sit on me. Being a curvy gal, you must understand, it is not sexy to have a sexy pair of booty shorts on if they don't sit right!

I was going through all sorts of sexiness when I stumbled upon two pairs!! 

Yesterday Master gave me a task... I was to use my Hitachi as many times as I wanted and cum in my Lick my Piercing panties. I did do that, but I think I will do some more! I'm hoping that if I can get Master or *maybe* Sir, to do some caning on my ass while I'm wearing my Spank me Hard booty shorts that I can have some sexy pictures to share. 

Enjoy! I know I do!

Live, Laugh & Love


1 comment:

  1. I am moved by your enthusiasm. We will have to do this soon love.
    Col K