March 13, 2012

The anticipation

There is a buzz in the air, my time with Sir is fast approaching! I am excited as it has been a good month and a half since our last play. 

He has already told me that He will push me further, more outside of my comfort zone. As our trust continues to build, I welcome this diversion. I welcome the chance to see what He has in mind. 

The last time we played, I was clothes pegged on my pussy and made to walk and then being teased by Sir as he made a point of saying that I didn't walk like a lady, while feeling those pinching pegs, with every step I took, the more I tried to stride like a lady, the more the pegs rubbed not just on my pussy, but with each other!!  Not to be out done, I had clamps on my breasts, the kind where Sir controls their level of tightness at His will, the chain linking left with the right breast reminding me that any movement I made too extreme, made them "grab" that much more and I would wince. Oh to see Sir's, happiness made it all worth it!!

Being on my knees, looking up at Him, while sucking His cock; forced deep throat, drool starting to bubble out of my mouth.  I could feel the gurgle of my vomit want to creep up more and more.... but I was determined NOT to throw up. I made sure to eat very little that day! Tears started to form, not of sadness but of my reflexes doing my magic.

Sir had me crawl on my knees and follow Him to the bathroom, once their I was required to kneel beside Him, the humiliation drawing me, coaxing me to open up and see what was in store. 

More to follow....

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