March 1, 2012

Hitachi Time

Recently Master and I had some play time together. We both were craving to be together, and given our time is precious these days, we take time whenever we can get it!!

The other night, I was horny and asked Master if He would have sex with me. In an instant I was attacked! Master has this very sexy growl that drives me insane and I get really wet from hearing his voice. The other thing He does is he bites me usually around my neck area! Its very primal and HOT, often it reminds me of what we would be like if we were wild animals in the wilderness; except no lion clothes here!

Master starts playing with my clit and pussy, and I am all wiggly and such *giggles*. Master always likes to get me to cum before He even enters me, but I wasn't in the full space for that, so he teases me some more. He flips me over and starts giving me a barehanded spanking! Combined with biting my neck, growling and now spanking me, I and starting to get lost in my little world. Floating happily to hearing His growls, like the wolf he is!

He flips me forcibly and He decides He is going to go for some more intense pussy play and I am a lucky girl!! While He is enjoying my pussy, I grab my Hitachi. For those that don't have a Hitachi Wand, this little baby is the gem of all gems. Here is a good description of it from another blogger Hitachi.

Master orders me to use my Hitachi and upon doing so He enters my pussy. Instant rush! The feeling of a warm ass, the high of the Hitachi vibing my clit and now Master inside me! I want to cum and Master growls at me, a long lingering growl into my ear and I cum very very loudly, not once but multiple times!

I bring Master to orgasm and He is a very happy man!

I love my Master and our connection is strong as is our love!

Live, Laugh and Love,



  1. I'm glad you had a great time with your Master. :D I love my Hitachi! It's one of my favorite toys to play with!

    1. It was HOT night for sure! I recommend everyone have a Hitachi!