February 24, 2012

Answering Your Requests and Emails!

I've had emails and comments about my poly relationship and what's happening with it. Thank you for asking, and for letting me know what you are interested in! 

There hasn't been too much going on with my Sir for a few weeks now. This is the downside to having someone being "just a play partner" in common language it is someone you play with casually. Sir has a Primary relationship as well as a Secondary relationship and a very casual relationship with a play partner he seems once in a while. This can make my play time with Sir very challenging and although we both know that we really enjoy our time together, it is I that is looking at what is going on in my life, and the ups and downs that happen in one's life. I see at times a very lucky girl to have a loving Master who works very hard every day to provide for us and I see a Sir, who I do enjoy playing with, but the time apart seems to grow more each time. 

Sometimes, especially when Master is very busy with work and comes home exhausted that after I tend to drawing his bath or giving him a much deserved and earned massage, that leaves little for any playing on the dark side. 

I miss Master and Sir right now. It isn't easy when life gets in the way, but given that each represent a piece of the lifestyle I enjoy, I know that with patience and time things always find a way to work out. 

Thank you to my readers and comments left on what you like about my blog and what you want to see more of. Without you, I wouldn't know which direction to write about :) 

For my Fetish Model fans, discussions are in the works to start gearing up for new photographs, so keep your eyes out for new shots in the near and not so distant future! 

Live, Love and Laugh,
Sierra xx

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