June 9, 2012

The Punishment

This was to be no ordinary Saturday and I had been warned.

You told me dress comfortably for my drive; yet I knew better, once I was settled I was expected to change and I knew what you wanted; you wanted your special shirt, the one with the buttons, the one that you gave me, as I know how it not only makes You happy, it also sets the mood with my 4 inch black heels and nothing else.
I arrive and I am chatty, You figure that I am nervous something I didn't expect; given I am not fearful of You; however, it had been quite awhile since You had Punished me. You saw the trepidation and You asked me to come to You. You had a softness about You and You asked if I trusted You, I said I did, but that I did not know what You had in mind for me and it had been a long time since You had actually Punished me. You smiled and kissed me softly and yet your arms around me made me feel secure and safe. You ask me to stand up and to turn around and I do, You spank my ass and ask me to change. Off I go!
I suddenly hear music through the house and know the mood is being set, I remember seeing the chains hanging from the upper railing.
I return to You as expected, You inspect me approvingly. I kneel before You, You lean forward to hug me, You kiss me before we discuss boundaries, hard limits and safe words. You are in tune with me, remembering that this will allow me to feel the trust I need before our scene is to begin.
I stripped before You, only wearing 4 inch black heels, sexiness and sensuality come over me. I am now ready to receive my Punishment.
You place the bondage cuffs around each wrist and hang me from each chain, a blind fold now covers my eyes. I feel my surroundings become dark, anticipation has now overcome me. I know that You have Your various floggers, crops and other nasty toys that will be placed upon my flesh. I will accept with dignity and grace all upon me.
You start softly, warming my flesh, each impact becoming warmer, each spot reminding me like a muscle remembers a dance routine. You bring the leather flogger to my nose, I inhale the beautiful smell of the leather, oh how I love that smell, and You ask me if I remember Her and I said "Yes Sir".
You catch me by surprise, something not easily done! I feel 3 very intense slap, slap, slap on my flesh, my ass, my back, my breasts, my pussy each strike harder and stronger than the first. I suddenly find myself twisting and turning, something I have not done with Sir before. I find myself "in my head, now wondering how Sir will further Punish me for moving around." I am no longer sure which direction I am; You say to me, "Return to your spot!" I do, or so I thought. You ask again, "Try again". I say "Sir, I seem to have become confused in my sense of direction" You whisper in my ear "I know, see if you can figure it out". I take a minute, but Sir is wanting me to return to my original spot. I become flustered and ask Sir if I can have assistance. He assists me and returns me to where I need to be, spreading my legs.
Sir fingers my pussy and says "Slut, you're very wet; did you expect to cum?" I'm now wiggling as Sir is playing with my clit and I answer with "No, Sir".
Sir looks into my eyes and says to me, "Given that you are on orgasm denial Sweet One, you best not let a single drop of cum release from your pussy, or a further Punishment will await you, With that said, Sir shoves His fingers into my mouth for me to clean and lick off.
Sir decides that this scene is now complete and He removes me from the cuffs and chains. I already had my water/juice, chocolate and other goodies waiting for me, and Sir has a blanket waiting for me to cuddle with Him.
Sir says says to me awhile later, "I have another scene that awaits you upstairs...."


  1. Really great blog post! :) Loved it!


  2. Thank you padme amidala! Refer your friends to my site so they too can also read my writings!