June 14, 2012

Plans Change

This morning I was to meet a new potential play partner. We've not had any luck with meeting. First time he cancelled, second one I didn't make it, and just now he is wanting to change the time. I just can't help but feel  that this person is going to stand me up. I've also been reflecting on some "flags" that I had been keeping to myself, but I have since discussed them with Master and we both feel that this may not be a person who is who he says he is. Someone who gets upset because he is addressed as Sir right away, someone who when he didn't get a reaction he wanted from me, decided he was going to go and find someone else, both pieces of information I told him "good luck" as in good luck with his search. Now he contacts me asking if I would meet him for breakfast and I said yes, I think I will stick with no. 

Let this be a lesson ladies and gents! If the flags are starting to pop up, than chances are the rest of the information will follow suit.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Lixxs and Spanxs!


1 comment:

  1. It's so important to listen to your instincts and pay attention to potential red flags. I think you made a good choice to decline meeting with this person. Even if they're not "Bad news", they're still likely to be flaky timewasters!