June 16, 2012

Spanking Scenes and Music

A few years ago I was graced with being able to do a scene with a Dominant that loved to set a scene with a "tone". I always knew when He became "dark" in personality (please know there is a huge difference between being angry and being dark. Being dark just means (to me) a mood representative of acting the part).

Wake Me Up

The room a color of deep red, the drapery matching. A spanking bench is before me, while above a carabeaner dangles a thick chain that will suspend my arms as I am used to His satisfaction. Soon the sounds of music, deep and dark filters through the room, setting the tone all the while freshly lit candles dancing with shadows against the walls. A fire lit, to warm my naked body as I kneel before it on the faux animal skin rug.  I  feel His hands on my shoulders and exhale, the rhythm of the music sliding through my veins to my soul  into my mind's eye, awareness of what is about to transpire awakening within me. 

All I hear is music, a blind fold now covers my eyes, no talking allowed once a scene has started, I know He will check on me during the scene to see how I am feeling and if I wish to continue as the depth of our scene becomes more intense. 

I feel the warmth of His hands on my ass, slowly and steadily I feel the rise of His slapping movements go from gradual and quiet, to steady and intense. Each cheek is starting to become warm, a light crimson color coming to the surface as I lay across the spanking bench.

I realize now the feeling of His hands are no longer on my ass; it has been replaced with a flogger. Softly at first, the tips catching my ass cheek, flick, flick, flick, SWAT! I am now at attention, not in pain or injury, just awakened, my mind's eye acute of my surroundings, no longer drifting to a calm state. 

This is a taste of the erotica I write. If you'd like to read more leave me a note below!!


  1. Lovely imagery girl. I can't wait to get back home.

  2. Thank you Master, I can't wait for you to come home either :)