June 25, 2012

Cuddles and Bedtime

Master and I have been discussing ways to keep our D/s in our lives far more than we have been. Unfortunately, life can overshadow things and 'nilla creeps in rather quickly. 

So upon further discussions with Master, we have decided to install a bedtime schedule, whereby when He feels it is best for me to go to bed, I will do so. We have done this a few times, and I really like it; it makes me feel loved and secure in knowing He has my best interests, especially with my health and the importance of my getting as much sleep as possible. 

In the morning, as He is still out of town, I will always greet Him with Good Morning Master. I have found it really makes His day that much more special, to see that message from me. I always want to be the best I can be for Master. 

We have been discussing many different things, like what chores did I get done in the day. It is expected that during the day I will have done my routine tasks as well as make sure to enjoy the outside, especially on very sunny days. Now, we had a great day today and I did get out for a drive, but unfortunately my allergies flared. Master was very proud of His girl for doing the yard work as I was not asked to do it for one thing, and two I made a point of being outside. After I did my yard work, I came in and showered, and had to take some sinus medicine as I couldn't breathe very well. Master told me He was very pleased and that after my shower I was to rest and take a nap if I wanted. 

A lot of times He will text me my cuddles and such. I really love how He is always thinking of us even in the smallest of ways. It is so important for us as a couple, to remember the little things. 

I had gone to meet a possible new partner on the weekend and today we were texting. He is also very thoughtful in that He agreed with Master in that the best place for me was to be resting and He texted a cuddle to me, to which I replied that I like to snuggle and that I liked it there. It is very nice to be thought of by two men who someday will meet. 

The days til Master comes home are slowly moving along, I think we are down to about 13 days or so and I can't wait kneel before Him, to present myself to Him. 

Our  Sexy on the Darkside is warming and soon the embers will be Hot with Passion! I can't wait!!

Live, Love & Laugh


  1. Thank you for this entry my girl. I will be very glad to receive you again.

  2. Thank you Master for reading, I'm glad you are pleased with Your girl. xo