June 27, 2012

D/s and Protocol

Well, even when Master is away He has protocols. I wasn't a very good girl this morning. Master reminded me that I didn't say good night last night or good morning via text to Him. Those are two things I always do faithfully. It seems I had fallen asleep and didn't realize I had and this morning I was very scattered in my thoughts. 

Master had written me of his displeasure and although not a big deal to many, they were ones of importance to Him. I felt my back go up, as I don't like being told that I have done something wrong, my bratty side comes out and you would think that she should be stomping her feet or something!

I'm not sure if there is a punishment to follow, but I have no doubt Master will make sure I remember my place with Him. 

In the meantime our embers continue to slowly grow in warmth, counting down the days til He is home. 

Live, Laugh and Spanxs!

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