December 7, 2011

Communication and Consequences

I keep forgetting to blog everyday, this would be #advent blogging for days 6 and 7, I find this rather ironic as the title suggested was Communication and Consequences.  

I'm counting down the day until Christmas. I, with some other friends are blogging daily up until the 25th of December! I hope you are enjoying the reading and are blogging an advent yourself! If so, drop me a line with your blog link, I'd love to follow your stories!

The last 24 hours have really been an eye opener, I wish it were something fun and kinky. Oh how it would be so much better if it were BDSM related..  

Master is very big on communication and consequences, which means if you don't say what you mean and mean what you say and there is a fall out that could have been prevented, chances are there will be consequences. Such as what has happened with me and a situation that involves a relationship that was part of my poly life. I am so very picky when I decide to involve another person that when things fall apart, and one person doesn't communicate their true feelings or what their true intentions are, I am left to wonder and feel very hurt and confused as to what is going on. 

It takes me such a long time to get over that person because I am someone whose feelings do become involved and it seems no matter how well "I" communicate how and what I feel and what I am about, the other person seems to "tell you what you want to hear" versus the reality of something. I am tired of learning the reality from other people, after realizing on my own that not only does the deliberateness of avoidance from that other sting enough, but the words that follow. See, when someone tells me that we are friends, I take that to heart. I value my friends and even though I don't have arm loads of them, the ones I do have value me as a friend as well. Betrayal is something that is unforgivable in my books, the other is "lying by omission".   You know what lying by omission is don't you? It is when someone tells you part of what they want to say, yet not fully telling you everything all the while THEY know what their true intentions are. So in essence you are leading the other person on. 

The consequence is I am left feeling foolish for wanting to believe the words spoken to me and when the reality of what is in front of me is not what the words were told, the lying by omission stings a lot. 

I am not afraid to call people on their shit, just as I expect and have had it done to me.  

However, when someone's comments are a direct stab at my person whether it be my mental or emotional state, just shows me how immature you really are and I am happy there is no further communication.

Now let's get back to the really fun things.... where's my spanking....


  1. Well said my dear. "Half truths avail us nothing" and " Half a truth is half a lie" If someone tells only half the truth then they fear the entire truth...... that or they are selling something.

  2. Thank you Master for your guidance and support, it means everything to me.