December 2, 2011

New Groups and Advent Calendar

I've been hard at work making a new group on Facebook, feel free to join it! Langley Swap & Buy I got the idea from another group called Chilliwack Mom Swap/Buy as I've been selling my Master's items as he is downsizing to move in with me *happy girl*. 

I've also decided to join my friend padmeamidala whose blog I follow Journey to the Darkside and do a daily #adventblog. She got the idea from a blogger she follows who I now follow Mija's blog thank you Mija for the idea!! Please check out Mija's blog if you are interested in joining us by having a countdown on your blog towards Christmas.

The idea is to blog everyday about whatever is on your mind, and do a countdown towards Christmas. This is day 1 for my #advent calendar.

I am going to copy and paste Mija's explanation (I hope she doesn't mind) 

"If you do decide to play along there are no rules, no topics and no guilt for missing a day (I may struggle sometimes myself). But do let me know either here or on Twitter. I want to put a list of everyone Advent blogging on my posts."

"You're welcome to do the same or not, whatever seems the most fun. Don't feel you have to blog about any specific topic. My own will be about whatever is on my mind for the day, be it holiday related, kink related or some political topic I can't leave alone. My only suggestion is that you use this style "My Blog Title: Day X" so there's a countdown to the 25th."

I think it will be a lot of fun to do and look forward to following padmeamidala and mija's blogs daily. I also look forward to following other #advent blogs on our countdown to Christmas!!

Don't forget to join my new group on Facebook Langley Swap & Buy  - what a great way to swap items or buy for Christmas! 

Laugh, Live & Love



  1. I'm very excited that you are going to join us for doing the advent blog. :)

  2. Thank you padme amidala for the suggestion!

  3. I'm really excited you're doing it too. It's so great to get to meet new people! :) Good luck with your purging. I need to do some of that myself. I keep planning to sell stuff on eBay but well, things get in the way.

    I think this advent is going to be fun with lots to look forward to.