October 10, 2012

Sexy Steampunk Wench

I've been updating our blog page, nothing like tightening and broadening your areas of attraction! 

Halloween is fast approaching and so are the various parties! Do you know what you will be this year? I do!! I never was one to wear costumes when I was young; but as a kinky adult, you bet! I'm looking to choose between a few ideas running around my mind! One of them is of a Steampunk Wench! There is a variety of ways to dress Steampunk and at first I was not a fan of it, but as I have seen and read up on costumes, I quite like the sexiness of it! 

Here is one idea I am thinking of wearing this year:

Master helped me choose what to buy and he also chose my jewelry as well. He always looks sexy when he dresses up! I for one, can't wait to go to Rascals on Oct. 20 for their Halloween Party. Rascal's is one of the major venues that throws amazing parties. Here is their link to their website http://www.rascals-club.com/

Lixxs and Spanxs!! 

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