October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Master and I have enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend a lot! Last night, we went to see our kinky friends TP and enjoy a beautiful home cooked meal. Its always a good time when you are in a room full of vanilla peeps and we are subtly doing suggestive kink things that others won't catch on to lol.

My g/f T and I were giggling because she had some food on the side of her mouth, I went to wipe it off and she said "care to lick it off" I said with a giggle and a grin, "somehow we would shock your company" lol.

There was a very loud fundraising event two doors down and at times we were all outside, sharing stories of what it was like for all of us when we would go to parties like that. I miss those days! Master working in the career he does, always is good for many laughs at his experiences of setting up stages for bands to play on.

Not long after we all sat down for the festive turkey dinner. Everyone had brought an item so there was a lot of food! I brought carrots made with butter, brown sugar and nutmeg, they were a huge hit!

I was sitting beside Master and I was serving food onto His plate. I told Him that I wanted to be His good girl and serve Him. He said "I didn't realize it was "that" kind of dinner" lol. I said Master, I enjoy serving you even if it isn't lol. He squeezed my leg under the table, which made me smile.

Its fun adding D/s to our evenings when we are out. Even the smallest of things, makes us smile.  Even when Master spanks my butt in front of company, many will laugh not even knowing that to U/us it means something company different than what they know!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time. I do carrots that way too - yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canadian,

    1. @Hermione, thank you! I do hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!

      I love knowing a fellow Canadian is here as well :)