September 27, 2012

Variety is the spice!!

So I've been looking and perving various sites and photos. My favorite favorite fetish model is Bettie Page. I saw this photo and have to say this one is Hot!!

I've topped boys and I have bottomed on rare occasion to women, however, I think maybe this time I would like to top a woman! 

Mind you it is hot to bottom to a sexy Mistress too! I think I would happily bottom to Bettie Page, wouldn't you?

What's your fantasy or fetish? Do you want to bottom to me? Do you want me to top you? Perhaps giving you one of your fantasies?  If so, tell me why? I'd love to hear your story, you just never know, we could make plans and make it a reality! 

This is for my kink  friends who are into pet playing :)

Lixxs and Spanxs!!

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