October 26, 2012

Halloween Hijinks!

Its that time of year! Master loves Halloween! He loves everything about it! Mind you being in the career He is in, makes Him that much more excited!

We've seen a lot of classic movies on TMC this week, all on the Horror Films of the 1940's on up! Its amazing how back then what was deemed scary, didn't make me flinch. However, the more the years went up, the more intense the scary scenes were! The likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Bela Legosi to name a few of the old school legends!

We've even caught a few with kink in them, that back then, very few would have noticed LOL!

With all the parties that will be going on this weekend, what do you like about Halloween the best? Are you someone who loves it? Do you like to dress up? Do you like the movies, if so what are you favorites?

Now who can forget Elvira?! The sexy minx that everyone knows of! Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without her!

I think she looks super hot here! Love the cuffs and her entire package. YUMMY!

Not sure what Master has in store for Halloween yet, I'm hoping lots of naughty toys and spankings will be coming to me. Master loves to play on the dark side and when not a better time than Halloween! 

Spooks and Spanxs to you all!

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