September 14, 2012

Feel Good Friday!!

Well its finally Friday! How many of you have kinky plans this weekend? Master and I do have plans tonight and tomorrow night! Tonight we are going to a bbq with kinkster that we are taking to our public event tomorrow. We are bringing some homemade chicken wings tonight and we get to enjoy the warmth of their hot tub and fire pit! 

Its going to be a hot night! Master and I are nudists and the hot tub is clothing optional, YIPEE! I love the feeling of the warm water on my skin, the jets against my back. Not sure if we are going to be doing any playing tonight, but we will see! Perhaps I can take some pics and post them over the weekend!

Very recently, I had some body art done. I have waited for a good year for this wonderful and very sexy lady to do this for me. It was such a sensual experience, too feel the paint caress my skin, softly and easily. The colors of green and white chosen to go with the hazel of my eyes.  I'm posting a photo below, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Master has many more as we did an impromptu photo shoot, he promises to get them finished so we can not only send them to our friend who did the painting, but so we can share them with you, our blogger friends! 

I just love how everything blended so beautifully, even my dog got into the shot lol! 

Happy Friday Everyone, 



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