September 13, 2012

Spankings Me!

Master took this photo of me recently. He teased me horribly!! Pinching my boobies and making me stand with my hands behind my back! Then we went out for the day and I had to make sure my nipples were erect all day! You should have seen the looks from peeps LOL! I even had a man come up to me and compliment me! Master was very proud of his girl!!  I love being his good girl! 

What would you use to spank my boobs? I love having them spanked and slapped. I also love having my nipples pinched! 

We are going to an event this weekend, I can't wait!! Its been a while since we have gone out to a public event. We are taking some new friends with us!! I love watching the awe and amazement in their eyes as they adjust to seeing how the kink world enjoys themselves! 

Happy Thursday!!

Lixxs and Spanks!


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