November 8, 2011

Transformation into Kink

I recently received a comment that my blog is very seductive and the question followed was how and when did I start my transformation? This question has had me pondering, when did I decide to step into the dark side?

I would have to say about 14 years ago. A time when I was looking to spice up my life and my marriage. Funny how the spice part stayed with me, and the marriage.... not so much.

3 years ago I was introduced to kink and I've never looked back! The smell of leather in its many forms, clothing, toys, furniture, shoes, oh the shoes!!  To the soft plush feeling of a flogger as it tastes my flesh, deceivingly soft, yet thuddy on impact! The feeling of bound wrists commands my attention in a way that in fact takes away my expectations to lead and for a moment in time, allows me to just "be".

But there is so much more than just being bound and flogged in the lifestyle of kink. I am a submissive to men who are very dominant in nature; I am drawn to men who are powerful, strong and control a huge part of their life;  yet I am a Switch (which allows me to be a Top, or administer) to men who crave being topped by a dominant woman. It is a fine line, but it also allows me to seek my own release that I crave when I am bottoming in a scene; yet allows me to explore giving what someone else needs. Whether it be impact play, humiliation, role play, bondage, the list goes on and in many directions.

I learned very quickly that I enjoy pain, I am a masochist, the more impact I receive the more it excites me. The arousal is intense and when done correctly the endorphin rush is amazing. Yet, I know there is more out there for me to achieve. The wall to push through, the trust to be gained, the dance between a Dominant and  Submissive powerful beyond mere words.

I think I will do a series on my transformation, it will be a journey worth sharing to my readers as well as showing me just how far I have come thus far....

Love, Live and Laugh


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