November 11, 2011

To Remember on Veteran's Day

To remember today - Remembrance Day has many a significance to many people, myself included. I, like many of you, have relatives that have either been in service, or were in the military for one reason or another. I have memories of an uncle who would march with his cadets in the yearly Remembrance Day Parade. To a grandfather who every year would pull out his uniform and stand with his comrades to honor those that he knew personally; and yet to honor those he never did.

I don't know what my father did regarding the Military. I have never heard whether he joined, or whether he served. I've wondered that from time to time. I'd like to think he had the belief system of his brothers and his father that if called to serve, that he would have. My father passed when I was a young girl of 7 years old.

I have friends who will spend today in the Legions and pubs all over the Lower Mainland where I live. Many reminiscent of days gone by. Most that are still with us are veterans of the WW II, as I seem to recall the last surviving World War I veteran has passed away. We now live through stories of written and memories on plaques, but I am thankful that for every person that has passed they are now recorded and commemorated in Ottawa, where our Parliamentary offices are.

I am going to attach a link from a friend of mine, who recently visited our Parliamentary offices. It is so worth the read, and the pictures truly capture what this day really means.

Love, Live and Laugh


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