November 13, 2011

Erotic and Fetish Photography

A friend of mine recently reconnected with me and we started to talk about how we both perv erotic photography. While we were chatting on the subject, he directed me to a webpage called Art or Porn and gave me a few links to look at. Well let me tell you! Talk about Sizzling!! 

I thought I would pass on the information, I already mentioned to him that he had given me this fabulous idea for my next blog subject, how fabulous is that! 

So I figure what I would do is put it out to my lurkers, take a view, share your thoughts with me, I am looking for a new series of shots to have me photographed in.

They are:

I was taking a read of another link given to me, but it seems there are not many who are a fan of so just be warned that some seem to see it as a site to steal others work, and some use it faithfully for blogging. To each their own. I understand what its like to have photographs stolen and not given credit to. I often will give credit back to shots that aren't mine, just a personal preference of mine.

These are some shots of myself, enjoy :)

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