November 3, 2011

Something NEW! Happy HNT!!

I've been following a friend of mine's blog for a long time now, thank you padme amidala for your support on my blog and suggestions as I continue to develop and mold my own blog to what I want from it!!

So on this journey of mine, I have decided to ADD a new weekly feature! I've decided to add  "Half-Nekkid Thursday"  make sure you check out this link Osbasso 's for more  "Half-Nekkid Thursday" for more pictures! If you want to know more about the blogger Osbasso, by all means check out his site

The pictures I am showing are....well how about you the reader decide!! These are just a few of my favorites, and given that it is my first time posting a "Half-Nekkid Thursday" its so hard to choose just one, wouldn't you say?

The above that I have put up are from 3 separate shoots I have done in the last year. They each represent a side of me... my dark Pin Up side. She is so much fun, I am looking forward to bringing out more pictures for you all to look and comment on.

So don't forget to tell me which one you think I should submit to Osbasso 's site, I have to submit it by the end of today!! 

Love, Live and Laugh! 



  1. I am really glad to see you joined HNT. I love being a part of the series. I love all of your pictures but the last one really caught my eye. I think that is my fave. :)

    What a nice surprise to notice you are doing HNT! :P

  2. @padme amidala - thank you for the encouragement and compliments. Out of the series of 3 which one caught your eye? The one with me "waiting" :)