November 2, 2011

Pin Up Girl on the Darkside

In the last while, probably closer to 2 years, I stumbled upon modelling. Me, someone who has always been shy, was never thought to be the model material, that was saved for my sister and I was made sure I knew it.

I've had pictures taken of me in private, but to have them posted for others to see was something I had had a very bad experience with, so I always avoided at all costs the opportunity. Then one day on a board I belong to, an old photograph of me surfaced, not distasteful or anything, in fact the opposite! I had more compliments than I knew what to do with, and with encouragement from many that I should consider modelling, I went for it. My first shoot was for Breast Cancer. I remember being excited and nervous, thinking what if I am too old, what do I wear, what do I bring.... the shoot went on for a full day. I learned so much that day, that I was hooked, I may not have gotten many images that day, but I gained a sense of self. Something I never felt quite like that before! Here is a finished product, I was to "channel" Rizzo from Grease, I think I hit the mark!

I was in love, love that I could look like this! I could sell an image, and the confidence exuded from within me! Since this shot, I've done various other images, fetish, implied nudity, art, black and white, lingerie, and a few others. I never knew there was such a calling for a woman in her 40's who is curvy, feminine yet has a sensual look about her.

This glamour shoot below was done courtesy of  Patrick Parenteau of  

I have been forever changed by this shoot, he captured images of me that convinced me and others that I do have something! I have since done a second shoot with him and post a few of this pictures to give a my Darkside an out! She craves the attention my Miss Darkside.....

I have an account on Modelmayhem, feel free to check me out!!

But my real passion so I have discovered is Pin Up shoots. I love the clothing, the style, the classic look, the shoes! Oh the shoes are to die for!! I'm going to be doing a shoot on Dec. 9/11 and will be doing it here  They have some of the most amazing clothing and footwear! I own a pair of their boots that I picked up last year at Naughty but Nice Sex Show in Vancouver . Coincidentally they are returning in January of 2013 here check out this link!

So there ya have it, if you know of a photographer who has the skills to draw out what I have, be sure to leave me a message :).

Love, Live and Laugh!!


  1. I love your picture!! Wow! You are absolutely beautiful. :)

    Anakin is a photographer and really good at it. He's got skills and even taken a course at it. Let me know if you ever want him to take some pics of you.

  2. Thank you so very very much for your compliment on my photographs @pademe amidala. Your comments always make me feel appreciated in whatever I have to share.


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