October 31, 2011

A Blue Halloween

I woke up this morning feeling nothing in particularly different other than just "off". My moods the last few weeks have been at times a little on the grumpy side and I know he has been on my mind, more than just a passing glimpse. I focused on the tasks in front of me, and I will continue to do so. But at the same time, my heart and mood have been focused on not feeling, not feeling the loss of my buddy, Teo. I know I am all about my pets, and I am sure people think I am nothing more than the "pet lady", but to me, any animal that has ever come into my life holds a piece of my heart. Teo is no different. In fact, Teo's piece is very fresh and today is accepting and honoring him the best way I can, while not allowing myself to sink backwards too much.

Oh I've made sure to do my daily things, well... minus going to work out, which I am sure everyone would "tsk tsk me" but in my defense, I know that I will walk the other two and one in particular I will make sure to take Blaze to the field we go to and watch  him run and be free, as all dogs should be, yet somehow watching a Jack Russell run at full gait the withers in his legs strong and firm, the smile on his face, the light in his eyes, gleaming as he looks and sniffs for the next rodent to bark and tell me he has found :).

C and I are going to carve pumpkins later today for Halloween, and then we are going to take one of the candles and I will then say my thoughts to Teo privately. I know he comes here often in spirit and as I am an empathetic person I have been having a lot of energy shifts this weekend. Knowing Teo, he always loved to be center of attention and it was nothing for him to jump on your lap and place his paws on your either side of your shoulders and while wagging his tale look at you and instantly melt your heart. So he most likely is wanting my attention and I like to think that the energy shivers I have been feeling are him more than likely jumping at me.

I had posted a picture of Teo on FB on a Jack Russell page and the reply really resonated with me, the words were  "they leave footprints on our hearts" I had never heard that saying before, and it is very true.

It is a gorgeous sunny but windy day, something that my dogs usually love to pieces. I would see the 3 of them with their noses in the air, inhaling the various scents the autumn day has brought.  Yet, with the fireworks soon to be going off, I know that if I am going to walk them, I best get it on soon. School will be let out soon, and I already saw left over fireworks in the grass at the park this morning.

Love, Live and Laugh your life is precious, treat it as such.

Please share your thoughts and views anytime, I'd love to hear from you!!

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