November 5, 2011

Expectations in D/s

I have been really reflecting on my life in the kink community. Don't get me wrong I love it in many ways, and yet I'm left to what capacity do I want to be instructed to the depths of my day?

It is clear that my role as a Switch leads me to be very dominant at times in my vanilla life, that it does test most Tops.  There is definitely the rush of endorphins when topping a boy who is craving that push into subspace. Yet, when I look at MY role as a bottom in my D/s relationships, I can certainly see where the bratty yet sensual and sexy side comes into play.

Some would say "why do it", why be that lil brat that some Dominants will not tolerate? I believe it is because I expect to be put into line, after all that is what this submissive craves. The structure, the consequences, the attention, the building up of what is to come. However, there are times where lines do get crossed, boundaries can in the NRE (new relationship energy phase) as well, mostly because we are learning about one another and growing in the relationship and the brat had no intention of revealing herself.

I have been presented with an opportunity to help train a submissive in ways that I never thought I would. The negotiations are still being worked out and details are yet to come, but so far all that has been discussed looks promising.

The fluidity of D/s really depends on the relationship and experience of the Dominant and Submissive. I use submissive as that is what I am. I've tried to explore the idea of being Slave, but for me it is not possible to comfortably and wholly release my power to an individual with the expectation He will take care of my every need.

must be why that makes me a Switch.

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Love, Live and Laughter


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