November 21, 2011

Growth and Change

As I evolve more and more into who I want to be, versus who I "wish" to be, I've begun to see how complex each change really is. From breaking down the structure of how stress works to learning how to handle anger in a much more constructive and productive way.

I was at my therapy session today and I realized something really profound. I realized that it is important for me to figure out what my value is as a woman, as a person and as a life partner. I have come to realize I value the sanity I have felt the last 16 months of my life since I moved into my own home. No longer under the roof of a landlord, property manager or anyone other than myself, pets and my boyfriend. I now choose what I want to have go on in my home, that I value myself enough to know that I want to continue my journey of calm versus the many years of chaos I have lived through.

I am not ashamed to live a peaceful existence where seeking the belief of spirits and my own high power as I believe it to be, surrounds me as does lighting candles and incense for my own personal balance. I realize now that the work I have been doing on myself is complex, that the ingrained belief pattern that once was and at times tries to run the daily program of my life, is now being challenged there is now a root in my soul as I see it a cement block and within the cement block, there are buds and the starting of vines. I realized today those vines are the starting of a new life, a healthier life, where my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are become clearer, as is the heartache of what was once my life fading away into an abyss.

This growth also reflects my future choosing in Pin Up Modelling. I am excited to be exploring the designs, images and creative processes that will be before me. The creative process is always very exciting to me. The holiday season is fast approaching and I am looking forward to ideas and discussions on many possibilities.

I look forward to hearing from photographers, make up artists, other models, on their
upcoming projects and scheduling of dates to produce some AMAZING photography!

Love, Laugh and Live


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