April 7, 2013

Grinding in the laundry room - fucked in the bedroom

Yep its one of THOSE kinds of posts lol!

Sleepy Sunday mornings, where I am doing laundry and Master comes in to check something and slides his body parallel to mine.  His cock alerts me to his sexual desires as Master lifts my naughty nightie exposing my flesh....

I get onto our bed, on all fours, nightie (very short and sexy) slipped above my waist exposing my ass. Master fondles every part of my body asking me if I have missed Him. Naturally I say I have, as He fingers my pussy, preparing me for what is to come.

I feel the tip of His cock playing with my pussy lips, the lube sliding around and making everything nice and slippery. SMACK, goes His hand on my ass, telling me how much He has missed my ass, THRUST as grabs my hips and says that they are the sexiest hips and are happy they are His.

I could go on.... but use your imagination, share your thoughts, let me know what you would like to see as the result of our morning....

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