April 11, 2013

Stress release spanking

Lately things at home have been a bit hectic and stressful. Master has been busy with working and that takes Him away from home for many hours, as long as 16 hours!! Master treats me so very well, I am very lucky to be His submissive. Master allows me as much time as I need on the computer as He knows I have more than one blog that I write, as well as keeping in contact with the volunteer organization we work with and at times there is a flurry of activity that can't always wait til later or the next day. I also have unlimited text messaging usage, however, if Master wants my time, I shut everything down and focus on Him and His needs. That is just the way our M/s relationship is and I wouldn't change it for anything! 

We don't get to play very much, it seems that things just get the better of us. I sure do miss those heavy spankings where I feel the stress just melt away from me and the warmth of my ass shiny and warm! I'm always wondering how we will play, what with our several pets LOL! 

I love it when Master gets His toys out. I get wet and excited when I see them laid out in front of me. Master will being spanking me with His hand, I never count how many He has done because I start to become focused on our play together. I usually don't know which toy He will pick up and use on my ass. I do have favorites but I know He does too *wink*. 

During our play Master will ask me to spread my legs, He likes to look at my shaven pussy, freshly tidy just for Him. When I spread my legs for Him, it doesn't matter if I am on the St. Andrew's Cross or on our bed and on all 4's, His happiness is all that matters. I love being his "Good Girl". 

There are times where I will ask Master to spank me harder, that I want it to be difficult to sit down. Of course Master, always obliges :). I've had play where my ass has been so red that welts and bruising have been the gifts of my time with Him. Master will bite my neck, and growl. Oh how I love it when He growls and demands I cum for Him. I love it when He says "Cum girl, Cum for me". Oh the power of those words, and the orgasm that follows! Thank you Master for making me cum so hard for you!  Thank you for using me and taking me to your darkside! 

Master is a sensual dominant, in that He is a very caring and loving Master, but don't think He can't be strict! If I am not to move and I do, boy do I get a paddle for it! If Master asks how I am doing, I will always tell Him how I am feeling. It is very important to our scene that He knows if I am ok or not. We don't pay attention to time. When we play, we are in the moment and all that matters is us. I miss those times together. 

I love it when Master ties me up. Lately he has been practicing some new rope work and boy does it look hot! I can't wait to wear the "rope panties" He has been working on perfecting! So hot! I love when Master puts clothes pegs and/or other implements on my tits to make my nipples erect and hard. My body becoming  tingly and numb with the pegs on my nipples, but then when He removes them there are no words to describe the intensity of what feels like pain, only to have it bring you to orgasm! 

I always love how submissive I feel after we have played on the dark side. I love cuddling with Him, sitting at His feet, feeling safe and warm in His love for me.

I've had people ask me what is it about spankings that I like. My answer is pretty simple, I enjoy the arousal and feeling of being wet and knowing that Master also enjoys our play together. I love the warmth of my ass, I love seeing the marks after our play. I really enjoy our sex after a scene too!  

I hope we will be able to have some stress release spankings very, very soon! 

Lixxs and Spanxs! 

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