April 5, 2013

Transparent Life

My Dominant and I have remained in touch for many years. We flirt, we text, we send messages on Fetlife, its nice to have that connection.

He is someone I look to for friendship and support. Our friendship has grown and although we don't see one another very often, what with work, commitments, you know how life can be like that.  There is no judgment with Him, just as there are no judgments from my primary, Master C.

I've been there for Him the last few weeks as has my fellow slave sister. He has been going through numerous tests and the results finally come through yesterday.

My Dominant is about to go through some life changes and I plan on being there for Him, as my slave sister will be as well.  He needs that right now, someone to help Him adjust to new medications, proper healthy foods as well as making sure He remains in as good a spirits as possible.

Being poly to me doesn't mean just sexually.  Polyamory means having a loving relationship with more than one person. It means being romantic with more than one person.  To go back to the word itself, it means investing amorous emotions in more than one person.

Master C and I are very transparent with one another.  It means that everyone, including my Dominant, knows what the other is doing, who they are seeing and who they are sleeping with. No one engages in NSA sex, everyone knows their sexual partners well enough to know their particular relationship will continue for awhile and that it will be based on more than just casual sex; everyone respects one another and their is always mutual sensitivity towards everyone's feelings.

In other words, it is not about "just" sex.
It is about love.

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