September 10, 2014

Missing my Kink

Gosh where do I begin? For those of you are are still around, THANK YOU!

I've been going through a lot health wise and it has really made me miss my kinky side.

Recently Master and I went to Rascals and had a really good time. We even played out in public! He made me my new play collar and I absolutely love it!! It was then that I realized that Master and I really need to connect on the dark side much more!!

I also went to a Subbie Tea 2 weeks ago, that was the 1st in a very long time. It was lovely to see my sisters and to be able to laugh and hold topics of conversation for a few hours.

Master and I have gone to poly discussions, which have been very informative and have opened us up to friendships.

My health has been doing much better and I look forward to posting more and more.

Licks and Spanxs!

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